Is it Shakespeare’s birthday today?

As it is unclear when Shakespeare was born, the party 🎉 continues untill anniversary of his christening on 26th April.

Most people would say yesterday. But there is no official record of his birth. The nearest there is, is record of his christening on 26th April. In those times generally babies were christened 3 days after birth due to high infant mortality. Maybe Shakespeare was christened day he was born or day after?


To be safe to the party 🎉 continues untill 26th April.

Still time to:

Comment on the party as regards favourite Shakespeare play. Currently Macbeth is looking like the favourite; do you agree or disagree.

Taka quiz to see what Shakespearean character you are.

Can you come up with a playlist of Shakesperean themed songs for example Stay or Hello by Shakespeare sister and Romeo by Basement Jaxx.


Or write a post about anything you like connected to Shakespeare and post link in party 🎉 comments. For example, favourite Shakespeare inspired film, reviews of performances have seen or imagined conversations with Shakespeare characters. Or comment why Shakespeare overrated, should it be taught in school, if so how?

Click link below to enter the party.

Shakespeare blog party continuing untill 26th April

On this quintessential sunny Sunday afternoon. The pimms is flowing …

At Shakespeare’s bar by the river in Richmond. Deeper in the city sweaty runners have run the London marathon. Here it is glamorous as St George’s day and Shakespeare’sbirthday are celebrated.

Not yet middsumers , however, the Sun in shining and thirsts are being quenched with pimms and gins and tonics.

Lady Macbeth and Henry Macbeth’s feisty granddaughters flirt with their suitors who use lines like ‘shall I compare these to a summers day’. Inside Portia props up the bar; she may let men buy here drinks but it means nothing; she will not settle for just anyone.

Come and join the party.

Shakespeare blog party 🎉 on this sunny Sunday afternoon