Wedding posts round up:

The royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan is tomorrow. During the ceremony they will be called henry and Rachel.

The wedding of Henry and Rachel

They are getting married on the day one of Henry VIII wives; Anne Boleyn was beheaded.

Anne Boleyn: One Wedding and a Funeral

I have posted about, what has been worn at previous weddings and about the immediate members of the royal family.

The Queen’s Mother wedding

Queen Elizabeth 11 Drop Scones; recipe from Letters of Note compiled by Shaun Usher

The Queen’s wedding

Charles and Diana

Charles and Camilla Wedding

Princess Anne  and Mark Phillip’s Wedding 

Princess Anne and Timothy Lawerence Wedding

Princess Andrew and Sarah Fergusson Wedding

Prince Edward and Sophie’s Wedding

Philip and Autumn Wedding

Prince William and Kate’s wedding

Zara and Mike’s wedding

Royal Family Engagement Rings

Royal Family and Divorce

Queen Victoria

Queen Elizabeth

Prince Charles

Princess Anne

Prince Andrew

Prince Edward

What will Meghan be wearing on Saturday?

Royal wedding tiaras

The Royal Family and me


The flavour of their wedding cake is lemon and elderflower.

Royal wedding cake Lemon and Elderflower (Iceland and John Lewis)

Royal Wedding Themed Cooking, Baking, and Crafting!

Marks and Spencer’s layer celebration cake

Wedding 6 word stories

I have been running, a completion for a 6 word story with the prompt Wedding. I will be hosting this completion again week beginning 2ndJune. The next two weeks, the post will be hosted by Kirsty on kirstwrites.

My attempt was:

 Two become one. Forever always happy.

Sheryl  also went for a fairytale finsh, with:

Vows sealed with a loving kiss.

Everyone else was a little more cynical…


Happily ever after. Only in tales.


Her bump was obvious. Inlaws glared.


She refused. I married her sister.


Gamble-roll your dice and pray.


He gazed and said
“You’ll do”

Grace Middlemas

Damn the divorce will cost lots.


Arranged marriage–their parents scored big.

Peter’s ponderings

Harried, parried, tarried, carried, married!


But the wedding pictures reflected otherwise…


Show me to the singles table.

A few posts from other blogs related to the wedding:


A post about the invitation:



♔By Royal Invitation


A post that is about Queen Victoria walking two of her daughters down the aisle after her husband albert’s death. I definatley like the term walking down the aisle more than ‘Giving away’ as that sounds like a woman is a possession to be passed from one man to another.


Blonerella’s preparation for the wedding



What will Meghan be wearing on Saturday?

In all liklihood white. Royal brides used to wear bright colours for example, Queen Mary married in purple. But Queen Victoria, at a time when the custom was to marry in yellow or blue; started the trend for white dresses.

BBC unspoken royal wedding dress rules

Blue wedding dresses

Yellow wedding dresses

Queen Victoria

It is likely to have a train for effect on the tv cameras. If she confirms it will have sleeves. However, I can see her going sleeveless. A group of knitters from Middlesbrough who have knitted a balcony scene, have predicted sleeveless but, if they are wrong they are aiming to have a new dress knitted before Meghan is out of St George’s chapel.



Queen Victoria

At birth, Victoria was fifth in the line of succession after the four eldest sons of George III: George. The two oldest had no children.

The next eldest , the Duke of York; Williathe Duke of Clarence (later William IV); and Victoria’s Father The Duke of Kent; therefore both wanted a heir. Victoria’s father, Edward, the Duke of Kent and uncle Fredrick, married on the same day in 1818. Fredrick had two daughters that died in infancy.

Victoria’s father died in January 1820, when Victoria was less than a year old. A week later her grandfather died and was succeeded by his eldest son, George IV. The Duke of York died in 1827.

Victoria turned 18 on 24 May 1837, she became Queen when, William IV died at the age of 71 years old.

Victoria married Albert in 1940 and later the same year their first child was born. Their first child Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa was born in 1940.

At the time of Victoria brides usually wore yellow or blue, but Victoria started the trend of wearing white as today white is most popular colour dress. Victoria considered May weddings unlucky so would not like any of her children marry in May.

Victoria and Albert had a further eight children despite Victoria not liking being pregnant or breast feeding. Her children were:

Albert Edward who became Edward VII (b. 1841),

Alice Maud Mary (b. 1843),

Alfred Earnest Albert (b. 1844),

Helena Augusta Victoria (b. 1846),

Louise Caroline Alberta (b. 1848),

Arthur William Patrick Albert (b. 1850),

Leopold George Duncan Albert (b. 1853)

Beatrice Mary Victoria Feodore (b 1857).

May Royal wedding

It is May. Queen Victoria banned her 9 children from marrying in May because she felt it was unlucky. However, this May sees the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The wedding is 19th may; look out for further posts in the run up to the big day.

What the first royal bride of 2018; may look like on her wedding day

2 royal weddings in 2018 both at the same location: Harry and Meghan and Eugene and Jack

30+ moths, 2 toads; Land of Green Ginger, gold Post box and Gold phone box; features of a walk around Hull

 One of Hull’s heros is Amy Johnson. I have not seen them, but there is statues of her on Prospect Street and near one of her homes in Hawthorn avenue. Untill March 2017 there are 30+ moths in Hull in her honour. Possibly after, the auction of them in April some will be bought and put back on display.

Tips for viewing Amy Johnson’s moths

Butterfly net out; to catch Amy Johnson Inspired Moths

In 2010 there was a similar project to honour Hull poet Philip Larkin; Larkin with toads. I have seen two toads that remain in Hull; there may be more!

Outside Hull’s Historical centre
In Museum Quarter
In the train station there is also a statue of Phillip Larkin.


Hull along with Beverley has white phone boxes instead of the usual red of the rest of the UK. It seems they also have one gold phone box; there is no explanation around it as to why it is gold.

The gold post box on Hessle road is in honour of Luke Campbell’s gold medal in the 2012 olympics when London hosted.

The Land of Green Ginger is a street in the centre of Hull. It’s name possibly coming from the  twising  of the name, of a Dutch family that lived in Hull in the early 19th centruy. The family name was Lindegreen Jonger which means green lime street. Or perhapas, it references the spices that came into the nearby docks. A range of goods and people travelled to and through the docks. A sculpture along the Humber shows a faimly who have arrived at the docks from North Europe who then proceeded by train to Liverpool and from there by boat to America.

The family sculture is between the Humber and Hull’s marina which forward of Princess Quay shopping city.Walking away from the marina, towards the Deep in front of the pub, come to tables and benches with typical Hull phrases recorded.

Recognising Hull’s fishing and sea faring history, Zebedee’s yard has a tributary scultpture, into which flowers can be placed.

Hull has many scultpures. the newest being the Blade in Queen Victoria Square which was positioned in January 2017 as part of city of culture. Before I went  I had heard it was part of a theme of looking up, looking up from the ubiquitous phone and noticing what is going an around. The Blade is certainly big and therefore,  causes people to gather, around it. It is not that high up; you can see it without lifiting your head. The highest part is the tip that, protrudes acrooss above the road. At least one of the emotions experincec by crowds in Queen Victoria Square , will be puzzlement. It is impressive in size but, other than that is rather stark with no adornment and a very simple shape some may consider it rather phalic like. It is for all to judge.