Which penguin classic is for you?

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My answers


Dark city streets


Flirting and dancing at a party.


From humble beginnings


A remote island


To find romance.

Match 1

These answers matched me with: Great expectations by Charles Dickens. I have not previously got very far, with Dickens.

Match 2

I did the quiz again and by changing answer to Q1 to a big house, I got Great Gatesby by Scot Fitzgerald. I really enjoyed an immersive theatre experience, I had of Great Gatesby. I have just stated reading, Tender is the night by Scot Fitzgerald for book club, therefore his I find that depends how whether, I would read Great Gatesby.


I’m not sure classics are for me; they are probably set in an earlier time frame than I prefer. I prefer books set in First World War, onwards.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover… penguin books

It is hard to judge a book by it’s cover when there are 50 of the same covers in the penguin modern range. To see all the titles and the same cover; click here.


Penguin was started to make literature cheaper. All the books were paperback and sold for 6 pence in shops like Woolworths. The covers were simple; title in simple font in a band of white across centre of the book. Green covers were for crime stories. Orange for other fiction. Blue for non fiction.

The modern range stays true to the ethos of providing literature cheaply as they are £1 each. I bought 3.