Blue Moon Cafe, Sheffield

I ate broccoli and cheese bake. Served with 5 of 6 salads on offer. I could not eat the 6th as it was pasta with pesto which, I’m allergic to. I had lettuce, tomatoes, a combination of red cabbage and red onions, cous cous and a chick pea salad.

The hot chocolate was above average.

There was a few tempting cakes, on display but, I chose Our Cow Molly chocolate ice cream. They use Our Cow Molly milk.

Bradfield near Sheffield 

Bradfield is about 10-15minute drive from Hillsborough in Sheffield. On the bus from Hillsborough in Sheffield, it takes about 30minute. It is the same route as Our Cow Molly. There are two buses (61 and 62) an hour one goes from Hillsborough to Stannigton to Our Cow Molly to Low Bradfield to High Bradfield and back to Hillsborough and the other does the circuit in reverse.


Our Cow Molly ice cream is sold in a couple of venues in Low Bradfield.

It is good countryside for walking.

The Schooolrooms is a good cafe. Yesterday I had spinach cake from the post office shop / cafe which has the phone box and yellow back outside in the photo above. It did not taste of spinach! The cream in the middle tasted citrusy. The Sponge was lovely and soft.

Open Farm Sunday: Our Cow Molly

An annual nationwide event  in the U.K. I had heard about it before, but never participated. This year I went to Our Cow Molly Farm with a friend and her two year old.

The farm makes Our Cow Molly ice cream. As it has a shop, which sells ice cream you can see parts of Farm anyway. I did not see much more yesterday. I did go into milking parlour briefly where there was talk about process of collecting milk but, that was not of interest of the two year old. Instead he had a ride on back of a tractor and went on a bouncy castle that was there for the day.

The farm is less than 10minures outside Sheffield but in middle of beautiful contryside. There is a bus stop just outside. From city centre can travel very easily to Hillsbough then change in to Bradfirld bus. Worth going for views and ice cream. We all had a cone each. I had  a scoop of wild cherry and one of salted cameral; lovely! I would probably of bought a tub of ice cream to take home but, we left in rush when 2 year old fell from park structure. 

Mixed messages on signs