My Husband The Stranger The Discussion: Contains SPOILERS

Whilst I enjoyed reading this, I did feel given the subject matter it could have been more gritty. There was too much perfection. Alex was too perfect, before the accident. Molly was presented as perfect, but reading the dialogue of when Molly first meets the twin she just sounded very dumb; it is hard to get what the boys saw in her. Molly’s appearance is never described in the book apart from hinting about her bump at the end.

The end is the main point where everything is too perfect. Really would Life have been so smooth? Alex( still had the same problems. It is cliche thetdhe is pregnant in the perfect happy ending.

Towards the end, it feels like it is building to a dramatic conclusion but, does not deliver. The reveal of the accident is not a twist or a great surprise. At the end of the day it was an accident; Graeme did not do anything cold blooded and calculating; he lashed out in the heat of the moment. Throughout the book it was hinted that Graeme felt responsible. It was not hard to guess that they were arguing at the time of the accident. The decision Molly makes not to tell anyone about what really happened is not really momentous, it makes sense; it was an accident so what good would telling do? Space apart does work out but perhapas that is another example of the perfect ending.

The sub plot with Nicola comes to nothing. The history with the twin’s parents is inconsequential in the ending. Perhapas a twist could have been the argument being about the Mother’s death and a reveal that Alex was not innnocent in that. Not that Graeme was guility in either case; both his twin and Mother seem to have had tragic accidents which he was associated with.

I have been quite harsh here but I did enjoy the read. Yes it was not gritty but instead it was a light pleasant read.

Book Scavanger from My Husband the Stranger by Rebecca Done

I found this on pintrest. I used My Husband the Scavanger by Rebecca Done which I was part way through for the Scavanger. Some of the items were very basic; but I to google other items.

Proper Noun
The two main places in the book are London and Norfolk which are both in England.

Two pages quotation marks 

There is a lot of dialogue in the book. I have picked p4 which introduces the main character Molly and her husband Alex. Her husband has a brain impairment following accident . This dialogue at the beginning of the book shows how his neurological issues like lack of smell and not being able to think clearly impacts Molly.

The second page I have chosen is from the first chapter from Alex’s persepective; p28. It is describing their first meeting which involved confusion with Alex’s twin brother Graeme.

One thing that was funny?

Not a book with many light moments but, perhapas the mix up in the extract above on p29 could be described as a funny situation.

One thing the main character wants

The main character is Molly she wants her husband back to full health; the man she fell in love with.

Two charterestics of main character

Loyal, over thinker.

One way similar to main character


Two ways not similar to main character

1.Not married

2. As not married, not experienced having someone that level of special.

Two adjectives

This is used to describe Alex secretly meeting his ex girlfriend on P22

3 words to describe the setting

On p69 the cottage Alex inhertited from his Father, which him and Molly was in the process of renovating a the time of the accident I’d described as dark cavern with rotting windows.

A new word

This is the alcoves either side of a fireplace. It is used in descriptions of Molly and Alex’s Norfolk Home.

Two vivid verbs
I think frenzied is a vivid verb, it is used towards the end of the book as the story builds to a climax. Also in the last section is oozing.

One thing heavier than a dictionary

The iron coffee table that Alex bangs his head on.

Two things smaller than a baseball

Alex enjoys playing snooker and golf. In both sports the balls used are smaller than a baseball.

Three beautiful things 

Alex is an artist and at least three of his drawings are mentioned.

Two contractions



Two things that can be inferred from the text.

What? I don’t know!!!

The copyright date


One place book was published


The dedication

Was at the end of the book


An interesting scenario and multiple layers introduced but, not very gritty.  It could have gone a lot deeper considering the situation instead it was fairly light, including the ending where it had felt  like  the story was building to a climax but then; the end is not really very dramatic. It may not be gritty with a an ending that leaves a big impact but it is a pleasant read that gives you plenty to think about.