The fifth letter by Nicola Moriety. This is a good book for Oct / November as it features 4 Scorpio women.

I was interested to read a Nicola Moriety book because I have enjoyed books by her sister Liane Moriety.
I found it reminiscent of the  Band which I recently watched at the theatre and reviewed as it was about 4 women who had become friends at school. In this case all 4 school girls were drawn together as all their names ended in C and they were Scorpio star sign. It is about them each writing an annoymous letter to confess a secret. These confessions cause ructions.

One part of the narrative is that one of the women tells the story of the letter writing to a priest in confession. The priest was not really needed for the story and I did not feel added much. This is one reason I think Liane Moriety is a  better writer. However,  it could just be Nicola not realised full potential yet. I’’am prepared to read more of Nicola Moriety. This book was a light and enjoyable read which I read in a couple of days. I also have Liane Moriety Truely Madly Guilty on my To be Read Shelf.