Lucy Locket book 📚 challenge

Book with number in the title

Three Wishes by Liane Moriarity.

This was a reread which still enjoyed second time round. It is about grown up triplets. It is a good story around interesting complex characters. I like the touch of the little chapters interspersed, through book where there is anecdotes from people with no real connection to the triplets that remember them being so noticeable as triplets.

During summer I also listened to One Day which I had read and loved twice before. as When I told someone I would like a sequalae to One Day as Love so much, they said why did I not write it myself. Therefore I was inspired to write blog posts as Dexter from the book’s daughter Jasmine.

Jasmine’s blogs July / August Summaries

A book that has been made into a film

The Martian 👽

A book by an author with the same initials as you

Pretties by Scott Westfield

A non-fiction book on any subject

Why men don’t listen and women can’t read maps by Allen and Barbara Pease.

Everyday sexism By Laura Bates

A book that has been mentioned in a song, or has the same title as a song

One day as there is a Bjork song called One Day and lots of songs include the lyric One Day for example We could be Heros (Just for one day).

A book published before you were born

Like that set during war but not much about the war. The war just provides background in that Carrie is evacuated as a child during war, but other than that war is not of relevance to her. The book has her coming back to where she was evacuated as an adult.

A book with an animal in the title

Read a book called cuckoo in July.

A book that has been translated into English from another language

Penguin modern 05: Three Japanese short stories. All three stories did not have a dramatic climax. It was the middle of the stories in the book that engaged me Closet LLB by Uno Koju translates by Jay Rubin. It was about a lazy man’s law student days (although he actually wanted to study literature) and early post graduate times.

A book by an author who is better known for something else (e.g. actor, presenter)

Awful Auntie by David Walliams

Awful Auntie by David Williams

A book that is less than 200 pages long

Carrie’s war

Penguin book: The meeting. A parody comedy book.

Penguin modern 05: Three Japanese short stories.

A book with a day, month or season in the title

Birds in spring by Evelyn Hood.

A book connected with fitness or clothes

The girl with the pearl earring. Similarities to the miniaturist as sent in similar era in Holland. It was centred around a painting, who had to have everything he was painting just so, therefore again echoes of The Miniaturist. However, that is where similarities end; The girl with the pearl earring is so much better than The Miniaturist! It is not really a spoiler to say the he story starts with a maid going to work for the artist and his wife. The artist wants to paint her but the last maid he painted was dismissed in disgrace. How can she satisfy both her employers? Does she love the artist? There is also a butcher in love with her, does she love him? Basically there is complex, rich plot which offers suspense!

Bee Here Now in Manchester city

I’m in Manchester, the childhood home of Noel and Liam Gallagher who’s 1997 album was called Be Here Now.

I’m wearing Lucy Locket hive leggings and I’m going to follow the Manchester bee sculpture trial.

To see Lucy Locket designs please follow my referral link.

My referral

The official website for the project states the following:

The bee sculptures will be auctioned off at the end of the trail to raise money for the Lord Mayor’s We Love MCR charity.

The charity aims to improve the life chances of Mancunians by providing financial support to local community groups, projects and individuals in need.

It is not to be confused with the similarly named We Love Manchester Emergency Fund, which was set up following the Manchester Arena terror attack to help support victims.

Bee in the City is not a memorial event; but organisers say they recognise the resonance the bee took on as a symbol of solidarity and resilience after the attack.

The auction will take place on October 17, 2018 at a venue still to be confirmed.

After the Manchester attack in solidarity many people got Manchester bee tattoos. The bee was a symbol of Manchester before that however as it represent  how busy the city was during the industrial revolution.

There are no pictures in this post, as I have reached my storage limit. The pictures that would be here are on instragram.

Bees on instragram

Packages from Lucy Locket

I finally got a pair of Hive leggings 🙂 I had planned to buy them previously but they sold out on the day I was going to buy. Lucky Lucy in Sheffield ordered another small batch. I ordered them Tuesday night and they arrived today Friday, in pretty pink daisy packaging.

Earlier in the week, I received the April Lucky dip box, I had ordered for £20.

There was a black vest top, and a parrot pumice file. A cute little notepad. I wore the bag, walking on Monday, it was comfortable fitting close to body and not bulky; very handy for keeping phone handy for photos. Will be keeping wearing the bag!

With both orders the following was included.

Surprise package from Lucy Locket in Sheffield.

Lucy recently offered free headbands with the design randomly selected from the range, for just postage cost.

It arrived in a pretty flowery package.

Inside was a another pretty bag, which is a gift in itself for storing jewellery in or as package for a gift.

This is the headband inside.

I have previously bought for my self, a friend and my sister a top from Lucy Locket in Sheffield; with the slogan Gym and Tonic. Also for myself one with the slogan Running on prosecco. Lucy also sells cool leggings.

Although Lucy is based in Sheffield the clothes / accessories are available online.