Wild in Art Sculpture Trails

This year I followed trail of Moths in Hull and knights in Lincoln. Last year I followed the elephant trail in Shefgield.

I know where some of the knights and elephants are (see previous 2 day’s posts) but I do not know where any of the moths are.

Look out for a January post about wild in Art sculptures in 2018.

The designing of a lincoln knight

The design and painting of a knight, for Lincoln knights trail 2017 https://lizzymason.com/2017/08/21/the-design-and-painting-of-a-knight-for-lincoln-knights-trail-2017/https://lizzymason.com/2017/08/21/the-design-and-painting-of-a-knight-for-lincoln-knights-trail-2017/

Apparently it has a new home as it is now owned by a private couple.

New museum to open in Lincoln 2018 to remember a unit called Bomber Command who served in WWW2 and Knight of the Skies

The museum due to open January 2018 will be called International Bomber Command. 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force being formed.

One attraction will be one of the Lincoln knights. The Knight if the skies was bought by it’s sponsors Game Engineering. It was the knight that sold for the most at 15thousand pounds. It was signed by George Johnson who is the last surviving member of the Dam buster raid.

The image above was taken from the below website which had some more interesting information about the knight, including pictures of it being painted.


Lincoln knights 6 of 7 pictures 3

Large knights with their names, interspersed with pictures of mini knights in shop windows. 

Knight of Greyskull. (Think Greyskull is a He Man character)

The knight of Many Colours

Paint, print, publish and play: sponsored by Ruddocks who’s business began selling ledgers and books to students and now design and print.

The Golden knight: inspired by ancient Egyptian culture.

Knight museum: inspired by Bonnie Tyler’s song Holding out for hero’ hence some of the lyrics are on the knight.

Another knight inspired by a song: The Knight has a Thousand Eyes. The song is by Bobby Vee.

Jigsaw knight

Liberatas per Sabientiam

Pedal Power: which is inspired by the abuse Lincoln Grand Prix which is an elite cyclist event which took place on 13th May this 2017.

Lincoln knights 5 of 7: pictures 2

Large knights with their names, interspersed with pictures of mini knights in shop windows. 

Lincolnshire Spirit and Loving Embrace

This knight’s horse has a unicorn 🦄 type mane. It also has a montage of Lincolnshire countryside.

The Construction knight

Another Construction knight with slightly different name to previous; Knight of the Construction Trade.

There are two with construction themes because they are each sponsored by different construction companies.


Almost a knight of two halves. One side and head on both sides in jigsaw pieces and the other side is about community. It is sponsored by Lincolnshire coop which considers itself a community retailer (food, pharmacy, funeral services and travel services)and has been in existence 150 years with branches around Lincolnshire.

Show us what you’ve got

This design features Lincoln’s history including association with RAF, the cathedral, Lincolnshire agriculture and entertainment such as fairs.

Charter of the Forrest

Lincoln knights 3 of 7: The fundraising for emergency accommodation 

In September all the knights will be auctioned off to raise money for a homeless charity in Lincoln; Normad Trust. The Norma’s trust will use it to buy emergency accommodation.

The Normad trust has sponsored a knight called ‘Not all stories are black and white”, which is something I learnt from my daily lent contemplation posts on Homelessness.

Instead of going for grey for their, not black and white elephant; it is brightly coloured. There are some great thought provoking messages on the back of the knight.

Lincoln knights 4 of 7: Pictures 1

Large knights with their names, interspersed with pictures of mini knights in shop windows.

Knight Rider

There were two called Lincoln(e) after the girls worn by Robin Hood

Lincoln Green

Lincoln Greene

 Knight and Day


Inspiring a new generation

Home is where the heart is

Inside Out

The Spirit of Lincoln 

Commentates vulcan and Lincoln bomber that flew from bases near Lincoln.

The Lutterworth Psalter

Knight time