First day of lent: 1st March 2017 Contemplating Homelessness

Over the last year I have become increasingly aware of those apparently living on the streets in Sheffield. An e-mail to Sheffield council confirmed my suspicions that there has over the last year been an increase in those sleeping rough.  Information on the DePaul website suggests the number of people sleeping rough has doubled since 2010.  From my communication with the council and a representative of DePaul charity, it seems precise numbers are difficult to pinpoint because some people drift in and out of accommodation.  Those in hostels may or may not be counted as homeless. Sheffield council estimate at any one time there is approximately 15 people sleeping on the streets rather than in hostels. Homeless is certainly a complex topic; over lent  which starts tomorrow 1st March. I’m going to consider it further, following some daily prompts I have found on the DePaul website. This will involve collecting some money together.

Therefore on the first day of lent take note of how many people you see today who appear to be living on the streets. Collect 5p for each person you see.


35 before 35

Inspired by 34 Before 34 | Is That You Darling

1. Dye hair blue

2. Read a Stephen King book

3. Do a park run

4. Go to Amsterdam

5. Climb Arther’s seat in Edinburgh

6. See 2 more gold post boxes

7. Go in a hot air ballon

8. See Bob Dylan

9. See Greenday

10. Score a Turkey at bowling.

11. Watch love actually again

12. Watch love actually sequlae

13. Watch 8 films at the cinema

14. Watch Bridge of spies

15. Watch Cara Emerald 

16. Do a ramblers 15mile walk

17. Get 100 total likes on blog

18. Try a spin class

19. Publish prompts for whole of lent about homelessness.

20. Try a yoga class

22. Go to ten belly dancing classes.

23. Go to the new gelato on west st.

24. Go to the light cinema when it opens.

25. Go to the lakes.

26. Get shed for garden

27. Once have shed tidy cellar 

28. Buy football ground jigsaw to do with colleagues

29. Go to one of Shef’s Oct festivals: comedy, beer or off shelf

30. Go to Peddlers market

31. Pass ski lesson 2.

32. Swim outside

33. Go on folk train

34. Go wine tasting

35. Go climbing