Lent prompt 40: 5 Key message from Dementia Friends

1. Dementia is NOT a normal part of aging.

2: Dementia is caused by diseases of the brain.

3. Dementia is not just about losing your memory – it can affect thinking, communication and doing Everyday tasks.

4. It is possible to live well with dementia.

5. There’s more to a person than the dementia.

Eastermass 🐣- Palm Sunday

With Easter Sunday a week away, I think I can probably manage a Easter / spring related post each day until then. In addition to my last lent prompts regarding dementia.

Today is Palm Sunday. It marks the start of Holy Week; the last week of lent before holy Sunday.

I was remembering this morning, going to Palm Sunday services when I was younger and getting a Palm cross. Then, I found a Palm cross, whilst I was clearing tables at work. I put it in my apron; as it was sticking out colleague’s asked about it. My explanation about Palm Sunday was … it was when Jesus came into Jerusalem a week before Easter Sunday on a donkey’; I was bit stumped when they asked why.


I have refreshed my memory / Googled. Basically before his death Jesus was becoming popular and was therefore thought of as a threat by the Romans. Rather than go into hiding from the Romans Jesus rode triumphantly into Jerusalem on a donkey. The donkey is symbolic; if he had rode in on a horse that would have been like he was a King preparing for battle. A donkey is a symbol of peace. Crowds gathered and waved branches from palm trees 🌴 and laid down palm leaves to make it easier for the donkey to walk. Palms are a symbol of peace. In the Old Testament from before Jesus was born it was stated that people would recognise the Messaih when he cane and wave palms.

Today Palms like the one, I found today are given out at church services to remember Jesus coming into Jerusalem. I’m pleased I was the one who found it and I did not throw it in the trash as apparently they are sacred and should be kept until the following Ash Wednesday and burnt in a special church ceremony.

Hope this is not too religious for you. Personally, I’m not keen on blogs all about God. I last went to church on Christmas Eve, but I’am a Godmother to my nephew and niece so feel, I should keep abreast. Also I think, it is not bad to use religion to do good hence my lent prompt series last year regarding homelessness and this year regarding dementia.

Lent prompt 40: A fictional book about dementia; Elizabeth is missing by Emma Heeley

Whilst this book is about a serious subject, it is amusing in places although for some it may be too close to home to be amusing. The way Elizabeth is thinking seems very structured, ultimately you realise she is an unreliable narrator and there is things she is forgetting and confusing. She is confusing her friend Elizabeth with her sister house g missing during her childhood. Her search for the woman / women she is missing shows how capable she is yet, misguided.

An enjoyable read regardless of interest in dementia.

Elizabeth is Missing – Books by the Windowhttps://booksbythewindow.wordpress.com/2017/10/04/elizabeth-is-missing/