Death : The book of two ways by Jodi Piccoult

Rather appropriately I started reading the book of two ways on Halloween / Mexico day of the dead. It is about a woman who’s first career was looking at Egyptian tombs and then later became a death doula falling supporting her dying Mother. A death doula is about supporting a dying person and their family. I think it was an interesting concept the parallels between the openness of Egyptians with their preparations for death and the work of a death doula. Disappointingly especially for a Jodi Piccoult book who’s work are usually so good at exploring contentious issues, this book did not get realise the potential of the concept and failed to get deep into the issues of death.

Earlier on in the book the woman is involved in a plane crash. Apart from the story is not too clear as to where the crash fits into the chronology. Initially the issue with this, is what you think happens after the crash does not quite make sense. Also the book does skims, very briefly over how this woman who has had so much to do with death handles the prospect of her own death.

I did get through this book in 8 days. Partly because on the 8th day I was seeing my sister to pass it on to her so sat down to get to the end. It was not too much of a chore doing this; it was very readable just it lacked power and was disappointing as an avid fan of Piccoult.

October Summary


As part of Victober read Dracula 🧛‍♂️

Victober: Dracula 🧛‍♂️ (no spoilers)

Elizabeth’s lists by Lulah Ellender on the surface a tribute to the author’s Grandmother and her life before, during and after 2nd world war. Also gave an insight into the author dealing with the demise of her Mother due to cancer, in parallel to writing the book.


Watched a whole royal wedding for the the first time.

Princess 👸 Day

Q and A with Jodi Piccoult. Learnt been pronouncing her surname wrong for years!

Racial issues in US, interesting reading after Small Great Things

Or is it ‘Murica?

via Teaching My Kids to Survive in ‘Merica — Not an Autism Mom

The issues presented in Jodi Piccoult’s Small Great Things and the post above seemed really different to my experience in U.K. Or I’m I just naive / ignorant?

Book Scavanger 4

A book with an unreliable narrator:

Curious incident of the Dog in the nighttime.

A book with pictures

The curious incident of the dog in nighttime includes some diagrams which, add to the narrative style.

Book Set During wartime

No Angel by Penny Vincenzi

This book covers from the Edwardian era to the First World War. Later books go up to an beyond Second World War.

A book with a month, day or meal in the title

This was originally meant to be one with month or day in the title but, could not find one. So added meal to the catergory; as saw Breakfast at Tiffanies  on the shelf. A very short book as novella rather than novel; only little action but a gentle mysterious aura.

A book bought on a trip

I bought Mark Haddon’s (who also wrote Curious Incident of the night) in Amsterdam airport.

Reading short stories: Mark Haddon and Emma Strout

A book with a family member in the title

Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards. In this book the daughter in the title, is born with Down’s syndrome along with a twin brother. Her Father a doctor, who delivers, her tells his wife that the baby girl has died and gives the baby to the nurse to take to an orphanage. Inevitably the secret does not remain forever.

A book with character’s name in the title

The ‘classic’ Heidi.

A book set in two time periods

The midwives confession by Diane Chamberlain

The book flicks from 1988 early 90s when two babies were born to 2010 when the girl’s are teenagers and the midwife of both kills herself. The book has many twists and turns, before the secrets that prompted the midwives suicide are revealed. I was captivated and read this book in one sitting.

A book bought from a second hand shop

Captain Correlli’s  mandolin by Louis de Bernieres

I have not read it yet. I have been interested in it, since heard a reading from it at someone’s wedding therefore at 50p in a charity shop, it made sense to buy. If nothing else the cover is pretty to look at.