The marriage plot discussion of ending. Major SPOILER

The ending is the best part of the book for myself. Not because was desperate to finish, but I like books without a traditional fairytale ending; it is more real. I think the concept of the book was probably intending to get across that life in 80s and indeed subsequently does not run like a 19th century Austin novel but it is only on the last page that this really comes across.

It leaves with question, was Mitchel being kind to Madeline? Or was it a case that once he has slept with her, she lost her appeal?

The Marriage Plot

The caption on the front cover likens it to One Day; it is not that good! The first few chapters jump about in time, so little hard to get into. It does get better, but it has not got the same humour on poingency  as One day.

The title and mention of novels such as Austin in the description may suggest it has words of wisdom about those. However novels are mentioned in passing and do not really contribute to the plot,

Overall although readable, but not a must read.