Everyday Sexism by Laura Bates (book review)

Another of my boyfriend’s feminist collection. For bedtime reading; it has been a bit of a slog!

Each chapter of the book starts with some statistics. There is then tweets that have come under hashtag everyday sexism, other examples from people author spoke to and discussion by author. It is very much about media and social media so perhaps students of such disciplines would be interested in the book. It talks a lot about what may be a trigger object for some; rape.

One statistic in the book is: A woman with a child under 11 is 45% cent less likely to be employed than a man. UK equalities review 2007. Aside from fact this seems a rather old statistic for a book published in 2014, Bates does not in my mind disec, the statistic enough. In my mind it is not necessarily so simple. Some women may choose to work less to care for children; albeit this decision may influenced by preconceived ideas,that it is woman should stay at home; but is this necessarily blatant sexism? Being a biologist I think the book ignores the, difference in male and female biology which may affect differing role in society.

The book does not go into what i think would have been another interesting topic:  the sexism of patriarchal society such as women being given away at weddings.

Overall,  although the book discusses some interesting topics, the book was not revolutionary to me and I have read similar discussions in magazines and did not nesssecarily appreciate it all in one book. Maybe other’s who have read less on the topics would appreciate the book more.

A Woman’s work is never done …

Post book club reflections regarding Harriet Harman’s A Woman’s work

Cocoa book club hence brownie, strawberry lemonade and pina colada tea.

The book provoked interesting discussion! I could not remember my initial thoughts on reading books. Those who had just read wanted more of her personal life in, rather than it being a political memoir. But we acknowledged that, along with the other areas she has been rather a pioneer in as a woman, she is a bit of a pioneer as a woman writing in politics writing an autobiography. She would not have wanted to dumb her career down and write a chick flick of an autobiography rather than a political memoir.

Still I agree it could have been more personal. The book was called a woman’s work. It was informative about political career but as the saying goes a women’s work is never done! You may do a day in office then hurry home, to feed, bathe and put t bed kids, whilst put a load of washing on then ironing or catching up with work e-mails … your sleep may be disturbed by needs of child during night … Harriet talks about the struggles of other women and admits she was lucky as could pay for childcare. But is could have gone a lot further …exactly how did she make it work? Women need to know how you do it! How supportive was her husband? What was the impact on her children of her career? We felt a good editor would have, asked these questions and got her to include.

A couple of people had listened to the audio book and found her tone hard to listen to; dull, school teachery; too proud were some comments. We discussed how in writing, she made it sound like she had achieved a lot single handed; which will not have been the case. However, women can undersell self. Whereas a man (or a successful person) will say I did; this, this and this! Whereas in actual fact the successful person, may have had the initial idea but then their team did donkey work; form filling, filling etc.… then successful person claims as their success!

Having been born a few weeks after Harriet was elected as an MP, it is amazing the progress, during my life. Yes women still not equally represented in parliament but compared to the last 100 years … I’m also enjoying learning currently from the book Century Girls by Tessa Dunlop which covers women born between 1914 -1918. In 1918; the first women were allowed to vote. But only women over 30 could vote. Now women, vote at the same age as men. In the early 70s women could not own property without their husband or father on the title deeds. Today, I own property in my name, I vote in honour of women who gave lives for that right. But if a man lived in my household; the form to confirm who in the household was eligible to vote would be addressed to them! I’m entitled to a year’s maternity leave; up until 2007 then women were only entitled to 18 weeks. Additionally that leave can be shared with partner so, it is not necessarily woman who has to sacrifice chunk of career.

A Woman’s Work by Harriet Harman

A Woman’s work by Harriet Harmen

A Woman’s Work by Harriet Harman

A Woman’s Work by Harriet Harman

A Woman’s Work by Harriet Harman

A Woman’s Work by Harriet Harman

Education for all! A slogan of 1918 UK election

Century Girls

Lent prompt 25: International Women’s Day: Dementia and UK women

Half a million women in the UK are now living with dementia; this correlated with women living into their 80s. The condition is the leading cause of death in women in the UK.

Women are also more likely to take on unpaid caring roles for other people with dementia and are more than twice as likely as men to provide intensive, 24-hour care.

International women’s Day

International women’s day is associated with the colour purple. I’n not very keen on the colour purple but the top, I’am wearing tonight is a purple tone. With two girlfriends, I’m watching 50 Shades Freed Film.

There are some great events taking pace as part of She festival in Sheffield city centre, on  Saturday, but unfortunately, I can not go to any because i’m working. See link below for more details of the Intenational women day’s happening in sheffield.

International Women’s day Thursday 8th Mar 2018


I attended Wigs and Women presented by Sean Williams. Two films were shown regarding women cancer patients and wearing of wigs.



I have popped into this virtual coffee morning, for international women’s day.


Here is a story about a French woman with Down’s syndrome, last year she started a job as a weather forecaster.


Here is a story about Harriet Harman who, in 1982, was the first women to be elected as an MP in the UK whilst pregnant.


I have published 2 other women orientated posts today; one about juggling work and children and one about women and dementia.

Lent prompt 25: International Wonen’s Day: Dementia and UK women

International women’s day 8th Mar 2018: Balancing Work and Children

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An interesting post about progress (?) in the 100 years since the first women were allowed to vote in the UK: One hundred years of progress? — Croft Garden

I usually get out my soap box on International Women’s Day (8 March), but this year I could not let the centenary of the 1918 Representation of the People Act pass without comment. It enfranchised some women (those over 30) and allowed women over the age of 21 to stand for parliament, but it was […]

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An interesting post about flowers to celebrate International Women’s day with and don’t forget on Sunday 11th Mar in UK it is Mother’s day

Global Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8, is honestly a lesser-known . While it started in the form of a Socialist political occasion in 1909, these days it has lost its past political undertones. It’s a special day particularly dedicated to commemorate the political, social and economic accomplishments of women as well as demonstrate some […]

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International women’s day 2018: events Bristol

From panel events to club nights, Ceini Bowen gets us up-to-date with the events in Bristol celebrating International Women’s Day happening this weekend and later in the month. This year International Women’s Day falls on Thursday 8th March. With 2018 marking the centenary of the vote for (some!) women in the UK, this year’s International […]

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International Women’s Day: Why Should We Celebrate It? — Apost by theusualshannanigans with arguments why should celebrate

The 8th of March marks International Women’s Day – a day in which we celebrate women all over the world. However, each year, among posts championing the power of women, you will no doubt see people questioning why such a day exists or asking why we celebrate only women on this day. So why is […]

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