Sheffield Ikea trip

Sheffield Ikea opened last August.

Whose Space is it Anyway? IKEA Everyday Wonderful signs.

Sheffield IKEA Wonderful Everyday launch events #The Wonderful Everyday

Wonderful everyday in advance of IKEA opening in Sheffield.

It is on two floors, the cafe is upstairs and looks out on to a magnificent Sheffield view. I enjoyed elderflower.

On the way out I had a frozen yoghurt, it had a strong sour taste but, was ok for 75p.

The most useful buy, so far was shopping bag, which transported most of what I bought in. There is a little bag inside, attached with a caribeaner.

I bought a peg board and bungee cords that fits on to it; these I’m using for a blog post tomorrow.

Desert forks.

Last time, I was in Ikea, I bought flamingo glasses but, one smashed, so I bought a replacement.

I bought two other glasses as the coloured bubbles will look pretty with other glasses on dinning room dresser.

For my hallway, I bought picture frames and some tea light holders. I bought some fake candles to put in them.

Sheffield IKEA Wonderful Everyday launch events #The Wonderful Everyday

Wonderful everyday in advance of IKEA opening in Sheffield.

I also saw the sculpture made of Allen keys.

I enjoyed reading 34 days in the IKEA reading room within the station. I did not know when I picked it up from book shelf from any of the cover blurb that it was appropriately set in Sheffield just two years ago. It features places I know very well and as some events dated then I know what I was doing in Sheffield on the days mentioned!

Thanks Chelia from Pink for Days for this quote which summarises how great reading rooms / libraries are!

I have had a second journey on one of the IKEA teams.


Wonderful everyday in advance of IKEA opening in Sheffield.

In advance of IKEA opening in Sheffield on 28th September there is a few interesting promotions going on as part of a promotion called Wonderful Everyday.

Firstly  until it opens there is a big Wonderful Everyday sign on the hill above the station. Made up of plants in hopes of wooden letters. The L of Wonderful has lime plants.

In the winter gardens there are IKEA cushions and rugs.

On some trams on the yellow line that will go to IKEA, the seats have been covered with IKEA fabric. I have been on an IKEA tram but my phone battery was flat at the time, so I could not take pictures. I have just taken this of the outside of one. I hope to be on another one soon but no luck so far.


Coming up there are the following events. Like the idea of a free book from the station.