Godiva Hot Chocolate

This was like an art creation and hot chocolate, all in one. Amazing intense hot chocolate. It was salted caramel but only, really got the salted caramel taste at the end. Could have been a little hotter.

The spoon was white chocolate.

There was salted caramel popcorn and the nest was dark chocolate. Not just any chocolate; Belgium chocolate. It was from Godiva which is a chain of chocolate shops in Belgium … I tend to go to Leonardos in Belgium. This Godiva is in Meadowhall in Sheffield.

Not a cheap treat at £4.50 but definitely gives a big chocolate fix.

Ella’s cafe near Hunters Bar,Ecclesall Road, Sheffield

Great customer service. Straight away without being asked bought water a large jug of water to the table and poured a glass.

They apologised for large size of the carrot cake because it was last slices. It was huge! Had cream on top and two layers cream in the middle. Then on the side underneath raspberrys and mint was clotted cream. There was also some syrup on the plate. Also it was nut free. The cake was soft and fluffy. 

A respectable hot chocolate.

The hot food someone ordered whilst I was there smelt good. 

Every Friday and Saturday night is Georgian night with bring own wine. A cafe to remember for the day and evenings to remember. 

Mango Bean

This recently opened cafe on Division Street, Sheffield is very bright and colourful. There are a couple of slogans on the wall.

There was a special offer they for a pound more got cake so I succumbed. Hot chocolate and cake for £3.60 is less than most of the chains charge for hot chocolate. When you get a mouthful of hot chocolate with some of the chocolate from the top, it has a good chocolate taste. Otherwise it does not have much flavour although a smooth milky Hot Chocolate. I chose Creme brûlée brownie. Brownie fab intense brûlée flavour, nice chewy taste.

I got a loyalty card and only need 4 more stamps to get a free drink, so it is likely I will be back.

If we were having coffee ☕️ between Christmas and New Year

 ☕️ The time between Christmas and New Year is a great time for catching up with people because so many people have time off work. Are you off all week or have you got to work some of it? I’m just working the Thursday between Christmas and New Year.

☕️ I would have hot chocolate. After trying festive hot chocolate from the three big coffee chains in the UK and writing blog posts about them, if I had to chose between them I would go for Cafe Nero. But I would prefer to go to Marks and Spencer’s as better value which as I mentioned in review you also get to a mini Christmas tree shortbread . Or if in Sheffield would want to go to Cocoa for best hot chocolate in Sheffield or Cafe Ella or Marmadukes.

☕️ What drink would you have?

If we were having coffee ☕️ 

I would ask you what highlights of 2017, have been.

If we were having coffee ☕️ 

I would say have enjoyed visiting the UK 2017 capital of culture Hull. I particularly enjoyed the moth trail and would have liked to complete it / see them all. Similarly I enjoyed the Lincoln knights trial this year, following permanent trail of cats in York and Sheffield elephant trail last year. I still wonder where the Sculptures from all three  temporary trials are now. I would like to do another similar trail this year.

If we were having coffee ☕️ 

I would ask you what you were looking forward to in 2018.

Marks and Spencer’s Hot Chocolate and Christmas Tree Shortbread.

Good value compared to the big coffee chains; £2.70 for a medium with marshmallows  which is quite big and that includes the shortbread Christmas trees. A respectable hot chocolate and the tree to nibble on is a welcome edition. Into two biscuits as I opted for no cream. I gave when tree to friend so that was win win.

Costa Black Forrest Hot Chocolate

Decorated with pink glittery chocolate flakes and syrup.

A smooth hot chocolate with thicker than average consistentcy making it more luxurious. The syrup is in the bottom so to get flavour need to mix. It is a slightly artificial cherry taste.

The handle of the glass did not feel very comfortable to hold.

Other Christmas flavours include mint and millionaire.

Cafe Nero Salted Caramel

Cafe Nero are offering four Christmas flavours for Hot Chocolates or coffees: Clementine, Gingerbread hazelnut and salted Carmel.

I tried the salted Carmel hot chocolate. It looks pretty with the swirl of caramel in.

Does not taste salty. But the  caramel is a good strong flavour; more flavour than Starbucks fudge. A good sweet hot chocolate.

I went to the cafe on the Moor, Sheffield, after dark; the cafe and surrounded area were lit up. This is not just for Christmas! The lights on the cafe change colour hence, too pictures.

Starbucks Hot Chocolate  fudge flavoured and Chocolate Christmas loaf

The gold on top of the hot chocolate was pretty; but did not add to the taste. Hot chocolate was average, with the fudge flavouring adding subtle flavouring; would not have said particularly tasted of fudge. It could have had a much more intense fudge flavour.

I liked the chips of chocolate in the loaf otherwise average cake.

Seven Hills Bakery Hot Chocolate and Fudge

Biting into chocolate end, had that great sensation of chocolate snapping like on a magnum. A taste of chocolate then the beautiful intense fudge taste.

A smooth hot chocolate with the butter taste balanced by sweetness.

I tried a tester piece of frangipani and that was also very tasty.

The cafe is one side of the shop, it felt slightly cool but to be fair it was November and I had come into shelter from the rain as had open toe shoes on after a pedicure.A fairly basic feel rather than cosy. Concreate wall painted grey. White Walls, one dark blue and the rest of Shop behind cafe. One white wall had blackboard menus; all you can eat toast for the price of a sandwich – worth rembering!

It is on Sharrow Vale Road in Sheffield. There was a selection of gluten free products.