Lent Contemplation Monday 13th March

Friday I had one glass of wine 🍷 = 10p

Saturday I was walking with rucksack. There was 2 carrier bags inside to keep things dry; not that it was raining but the carrier bags are always in there = 10p

Amount collected: £2.95

Monday thought:

“I felt like no-one believed in me. I had no confidence and low self esteem”


Lent Contemplation: Saturday 11th March and Sunday 12th March


Amount Collected: £2.75

Saturday 11th March

Keeping warm whilst sleeping rough is difficult – stuffing plastic bags inside clothes helps to keep warm.

I wonder what effecting large shops by law having to charge 5p  per carrier has had?

Collect 5p for every plastic bag use today.

Sunday 12th March

The most common reason for homelessness is relationship breakdown.






Thursday 9th March: Lent contemplation

Amount collected: £2.25

The average life expectancy for someone living on the street is under 50. DePaul aims to get young people off the street before it is too late. I know a little boy turning 2 on 9th March, he shares his Mother’s birthday and I hope both these special people live to see 50 and beyond.

Collect 50p today.

Lent summary so far:

Amount collected: £2.25

For spotting homeless people in Sheffield on Wednesday 1st March: 75p

In contrast I have been in Amsterdam at the weekend and not noticed anyone begging on the streets.

Thursday thinking about lonely places, I was thinking lonely places are not necessarily where no people. You can be alone but with people around you that you are cut off from. Like on streets with people passing by ignoring you. The feeling of being alone would be intensified seeing others in groups that you can not be part of.

On Friday I tried to go in The Greko to pray. I did go in, but you had to pay to go in main church. So I just had to take a moment in the gift shop, peeking into main church.

I have lived in 10 houses and therefore collected 5p for each.

On Saturday night, I had a great lie in in a comfy Ibis bed. I was reading on it when got in so all together was there about 10 hours. I will add 10p as it was all made up for me with all the cushions when I came back to it.

On Sunday night I felt safe in the Ibis hotel bed I was sleeping in therefore collected 50p.

Tuesday 7th March Lent Contemplation

17year old Kieran was pressurised by older men to take drugs whilst staying at an all age hostel.
Take time to appreciate whatever freedom you have to make your own decisions.

In my time in Amsterdam this weekend no one has asked me if I wanted drugs let alone pressurised me.

Homelessness First Weekend of Lent Contemplation prompts

Despite a rise in homelessness government funding to services that help individuals avoid homelessness has been cut by 45% in the last 6 years whereas young people sleeping rough has doubled.

Take time today to pray for homeless young people.

Saturday 4th March

Safe housing is the most effective short term solution, but funding limits availability.

How many homes have you lived in?, collect 5p for each.

Sunday 5th March

Given that the number of rough sleepers is rising, collect 5p for every hour of warm sleep, last night.

Monday 6th March

Hostels can be scary places for a young person. Yet sometimes these are the only options available.

Collect 50p if your bed felt safe last night.