Sheffield Heritage Week and Castlegate Festival

Never been to another Sheffield but Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK is pretty awesome.

It is Herritage week this week so lots of buildings open. It is also Castlegate festival and Sheffield walking festival.

I was on Fargate Saturday, sun is shining and there was a great buzz. Punk ipa have stall on Fargate and are giving vouchers for free beer. Sheffield United were so amongst chilled out crowds in sun on Fargate there were supporters in Sheffield United shirts walking to sound of various buskers. Ultimately Sheffield United list 1-0 to visitors Southampton.

Saturday, I had a look in Montgomery theatre, Cathedral then went down to Paradise square and 3 tuns pub.. I had Henderson goat cheese pizzas at Wig and Pen in Paradise square.

On Sunday, I went to the site where there was a Norman castle. In the 1920s, castle market was built on the site. Castle market, has now been pulled down with the creation of the new Moor market. Only a small piece of castle can be seen by going down some stairs. It was also fascinating, seeing the surrounding buildings from a different perspective.

I then travelled by tram to Hillsborough for a walking tour around Hillsborough Park. Hillsborough is the home of Sheffield Wednesday. Wednesday secured a 2-9 victory away at Huddersfield, just before the tour started.

I learnt how originally the park was the grounds of Hillsborough house. Hillsborough house, is the building that is now the library in the park. It was built by Thomas Steade in 1779. Steade named his house Hillsborough after his patron Will Hills who at the time was Earl of Hillsborough in Ireland. At the time the area around the house was fields, later when more housing was built the area took it’s name from the house. Apparently several streets in the area that became known as Hillsborough were named after inhabitants of Hillsborough house. Including Broughton road named after Thomas Steade’s son and Dixon Road after a later inhabitant.

In time grounds of Hillsborough house became Sheffield Wednesday’s ground and the park. We were showed photographs of hand stand in Hillsborough Park and where it stood (could see faint outline).

We were also shown a stone that marked spot where an entertainer for neighbouring, football ground; Edith Brooks died when she jumped from a hot air ballon and her parachute failed to open.

I have shared photos of my weekend adventures on Instragram Wonderwall360.

Heritage week is a national event, but Sheffield is one of the cities that does the most for heritage week; according to this article.

Check out the heritage website, to see events happening the coming week and weekend. I would say to make the brochure / website even better it would be good if could have events ordered in date order as well as alphabetically. Also as I found it was not clear had to be at General post office at a specific time. Still over next week well worth trying to see some of the heritage events as there is some fascinating places in Sheffield.

Sixer Magazine and Dream Easter Eggs

This magazine is very exclusive, you only get it delivered through door in my area of Sheffield. It is free, so lot’s of adverts. This edition good content that, I’m tearing out.

There is an article about Tramlines that is going to be in the local Hillsborough park. So excited to see Noel Gallagher there. Still waiting for a reply to my letter to him.

Tore out the films as although have not seen first Paddington, could fancy the second. It has Hugh Grant in, so that is a plus for me.

Also tore out about about the Bradfield music festival in June.

I wish, I had the money to try out Easter eggs for blog purposes. The winner does look amazing! Or those pretty little eggs with flower decorations!