Watchmen what to say to sound intelligent when discussing (or so I think it may) 2.

So it seems I could say, at first it seemed annoying that the blue character Dr Mahatten, kept changing size; he was a giant first time seen, I thought he was like a large statue. I know realise that changing size was one of his superpowers. The superpowers that also make him blue.

If you had a choice of super-powers, which one would you pick? Personally I’d go for Dr Manhattan’s, off Dave Gibbons and Alan Moore’s Watchmen. OK, it makes him look like a radioactive Smurf. But that super-power also makes him indestructible, immortal, and gives him total control over determinist (space-time) and quantum worlds, which means […]

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Watchmen what to say to sound intelligent when discussing (or so I think it may) 1.

From below post, that of course not all the characters have superpowers for some they are just using technology; in fact that is something that may materialise in real life in the future.

To say that Watchmen is prophetic would be to say that it accurately predicts the future. I would not go as far to say that everything in the novel will become true, but some aspects are definite possibilities. Like many blog posts before me, I do not see superpowers happening anytime soon, mainly the powers […]

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Reading my first graphic novel: The watchman

Like the following blogger I don’t find it easy to follow the panels. Even knowing which speech bubble to read first is not easy.

I think before I picked it up I knew, I don’t really like superhero novels; maybe a graphic novel with a different genre would have helped?

The website mentioned, in here where you pay for the novel, so that it displays the panels in correct order, sounds a good idea. Or apparently in November 2017 there is annotated version of the Watchmen coming out, perhaps that would allow me to understand the nuances better. Though still not certain,  I would have engaged with it much as have tried reading synopsis on internet and it just seems to be random nonesensical words.

When I bought the watchmen, I did not realise it would be over 400 pages. Another reason not got far with it as, it does not seem like a book can read in bed.