Ramblers Cultural Day Part 1: Park Grange woods sculpture trail to Meadowhall

I walked with the Sheffield ramblers. We caught a bus from Meadowhall to Kimberworth,Rotherham. We entered wood / parkland called Park Grange woods. Immediately we saw the first of 10 naked people.

The ideas for the sculptures came from a workshop the sculpture Marcela Livingston did with imaginative children. The children’s poet laureate Matt Black, sourced or wrote a poem for each sculpture, sadly as the poems were on metal plaques, all but the first had been stolen.

1. Zena the rock climber

2 Stan the stable boy. A shy character.

3. Morris miner. The children developed a whole story about how he found a pot of gold digging whilst digging the gold. Then used it to fund a sailing trip to far away lands.

4. Crow girl. She had wooden hollow legs. She was a thrift who hid stolen loot in her legs. No one ever dared ask about her childhood.

5. Yazier. A nature lover, perhapas she is knelt to look at a plant.

6 Slip hand Suzy. She is an old lady, having a rest after long day at a pottery wheel.

7. 2 dinners ignatiu . A Monk who likes food.

8. Freddy the Fiery Fork-Maker

I don’t seem to have his photo.

9. Brutus young ambitious solider. Good watcher and bit of a worrier.

10. Revolutions, Goddess of Bikes. Use wheels to defend against armies. One time she cut all heads off whole army and they ran around like headless chickens.

A bonus for me was coming back to Meadowhall, behind the Travelodge, I refound one of Sheffield’s elephants 🐘 (Technicolour pachyderms that was originally on Devonshire green.

A bonus of walks finishing at Meadowhall, is the chance to appreciate the artistry of a Godiva sculptural Hot chocolate.

It was handy having a new bag from Lucy Locket Sheffield , around my waist so could get to my phone easily to take pictures, whilst keeping phone safe.

Godiva toffee apple and cinnamon popcorn hot chocolate

Another architerical drink. This one was a lot hotter, than the first I tried and the intense chocolate was bliss.

I’m not a fan, of white chocolate as I prefer darker chocolate which has a higher cocoa content but this is such good quality hot chocolate, that it is very tasty. It was a shame not to be able to get all the white chocolate that was stuck around the glass off! I liked the colourful alphabet letters that were stuck to the white chocolate, around the glass and they were nice and sweet.

The popcorn was cinnamon in taste, I did not taste toffee apple.

Godiva Hot Chocolate