Potatoes and the Channel Islands (Geurnsey Potato pie)

At the beginning of the film the Nazis are shown confiscating pigs from a farm on Guernsey leaving the farmer to just go potatoes. Jersey royals grown on the neighbouring island are famous globally, I wondered whether the history of growing potatoes on the Channel Iskands stemmed back to being forced to grow them by Nazis.

Looking into, it the history goes back much further. Shipping records from 1537 showing potatoes arriving in the Channel Islands are the first known existence of potatoes outside the Americas.


How many people know Jersey is another name for a woolly jumper?

I think most people in 30s or older in UK would. The term Jersey comes from the Channel Island Jersey. Until today, I did not know that Guernsey is also a woolly jumper, originally made for seaman and named after the island Geurnsey in the Channel Islands. It is traditionally navy blue.


The Channel Islands started producing and selling wool when laws allowed them to import wool from England in 16th century.