Ladies (and gentleman) how many of you had a baby boy doll?

Both my sister and I had a baby boy doll as well as baby girl dolls. My niece has a baby boy doll as well as baby girl dolls. However my sister has struggled to find baby boy doll clothes in shops that sell baby girl clothes. Of course if want to put a baby boy doll in pink dress that is fine, but if want less feminine clothes for boy or girl dolls then should be able to find. John Lewis has stopped selling clothes labelled as boy or girl however, before Christmas they only had baby girl doll clothes.

Is it unusual to have baby boy dolls?

Did you have a baby boy doll?

Do you think it is a problem having lack of baby boy dolls and clothes in shops?

Mango Bean

This recently opened cafe on Division Street, Sheffield is very bright and colourful. There are a couple of slogans on the wall.

There was a special offer they for a pound more got cake so I succumbed. Hot chocolate and cake for £3.60 is less than most of the chains charge for hot chocolate. When you get a mouthful of hot chocolate with some of the chocolate from the top, it has a good chocolate taste. Otherwise it does not have much flavour although a smooth milky Hot Chocolate. I chose Creme brûlée brownie. Brownie fab intense brûlée flavour, nice chewy taste.

I got a loyalty card and only need 4 more stamps to get a free drink, so it is likely I will be back.