Care package from Life of Angela Part 1 of 4: Pineapple 🍍 lumps

Angela came up with the idea to send care package of unique foods from our countries.

Angela is inspiring me to do all types of crazy (fun) things:

This care package project has been so much fun. I have to post mine yet, but being having fun thinking of what to include! It was so exciting receiving it. I had to go to the post office to collect and wanted to open straight away but, there was too much sellotape on it to get into without scissors ✂️

I opened as soon, as got home. I wanted to try all at once but, limiting self! So this post is item one and you will have to wait until, I try the rest!

Pineapple 🍍 lumps

We don’t have these in the UK. They are pineapple, covered in chocolate, the chocolate is just a thin layer, so you can not taste it much, it possibly just adds a little sweetness.

They have a chewy texture. I can not decide how close to pineapple they taste. I keep trying them to test as loving them!

Thank you 🙏 Angela

Bessemer, Sheffield Hot chocolate and drinks

At the Bessemer, in Sheffield city centre, food is cheap. There is an offer for example of two main meals for £9.99.

Deserts are 2 for 1 therefore you get 2 desserts for about £5. I chose Cookie Cup explosion and my friend chose Profiteroles.

My cookie cook explosion, looked good but not what I expected; it was too neat for an explosion. It was mainly biscuit and not much topping therefore not chocolately enough and a little dry. I would not choose it again.

I would not choose profiteroles either because my friend’s did not look very appetising. I would perhapas choose a warm dessert; sticky toffee. I would eat in the Bessemer again because it is good value.

I drank Farmers Blonde beer which is brewed in a village called Bradfield on the outskirts of Sheffield. I also had a hot chocolate. It was served in a glass, I prefer hot chocolate in a mug. It was an Acceptable, average hot chocolate. It was good value compared to high street coffee chains where you pay about £3 or more for hot chocolate whereas, this was £1.99.

Happy Easter! Easter Rocky Road and Simnel Cake

The end of lent. Hope you have enjoyed my lent prompts about dementia through lent. Also hope you have enjoyed the Eastermass posts from and including Palm Sunday a week ago. Hopefully you have learnt something about dementia or Easter.

I have made Easter Rocky Road and Simnel Cake.

Easter Rocky Road

  • I used microwave to melt chocolate and butter.
  • Smashed biscuits up.
  • You need to be prepared with everything going to stir into chocolate so it does not set.
  • Stirred in marshmallows, sultanas and crushed biscuits. It is stiff to stir.
  • Then placed it into a flat rectangular dish and squashed down.
  • Placed mini eggs on top.
  • Put it in fridge to set. Ideally best to leave overnight.
  • Once set cut into pieces.

Simnel Cake

I made this last year from Bero book as it describes as a round cake. I used same recipe to make buns.

  • Used microwave to start combine sugar and butter.
  • Mixed together butter and sugar.
  • Added eggs one at a time, with a bit of flour in between.
  • Added pinch of salt, mixed spice and milk.
  • Added golden syrup.
  • In the recipe the main fruit is current, I did not buy more currents and did not have many left. Therefore my fruit mix contained less currents and more raisins and sultanas than recipe.
  • I used more glacé cherries than in recipe and only halved them as that is messy enough and I wanted to have lots of juicy cherries in it.
  • Added remainder of flour.
  • Used spoon to put blobs of mixture into bottom of bun cases.
  • Rolled out marzipan and used cutter to create circles.
  • Placed a circle in each buncase.
  • Topped each buncase with mixture over the marzipan circle.
  • Baked in oven as this was different to the recipe, I did not glance at time when put them in and just kept an eye on them. They did not take long so this was easier than making a round cake which takes 2 and half hours!
  • Left to cool.
  • Spread apricot jam on each cake.
  • Stuck another marzipan circle on to apricot jam on each cake.
  • Put under grill to brown slightly.
  • Ate one cake as a tester. That left 11 cakes representing disciples apart from Judus; see yesterday’s post for clarification, regarding this.

I had hot cross buns for breakfast. I have the Rocky Road and Simnel cakes packed up now, to take home for my family. Now need to get them there and have traditional family Easter Sunday Roast.

Happy Easter 🐣 Or although not the same, just happens to fall at same time, this year: Happy Passover. Or just Good Sunday all!

Eastermass 🐣 Traditional English meets Millenial cool

Not really a recipe and probably not very original, but first time i have made was this Easter week. There is traditional English crumpets with spring green avocado and a fried egg on top.

I toasted the crumpets.

Mashed the advocardo with lemon.


Fried the egg.

Placed advocardo then egg on the crumpet.

Fantastic biting through and getting crunch of crumpet and chewy texture. The egg texture both runny yolk and then white and taste and the taste and texture of avocado with tang of the lemon juice.

Eastermass 🐣 It is begining to look a lot like Easter at john Lewis

The gooey chocolate cake, has undergone a spring make over. It was splattered I gold for Christmas. Now it has pink sprinkles down side for spring.

The rocky road has mini Easter eggs on top. There is Simnel cake with mini eggs on top. It is tasty, but I would call them Simmnel bites rather than cake as quite small.

There is retro pineapple upside down cake. It is lovely soft sponge.


There is apple pie. Which is a good version of the English classic.

The rhubarb framgipane is soft, gooey and tasty.

The carrot cake, looks very pretty with some blue strands on top. It also has pecans on top, so I would have to pick those off as I’m allergic to nuts. Nothing wrong with it, but it is quite boring, compared to the other options.

There is a strawberry tart which has some tasty cream in.

Godiva toffee apple and cinnamon hot chocolate

Another work of art.

The hot chocolate was hotter, than the first time, I had. Such intense hot chocolate! I generally prefer dark chocolate to white, as darker chocolate has higher cocoa content but, the white chocolate lattice work is such good quality, that it is still very good.

The popcorn tasted of cinnamon did, not really get the toffee apple taste.