Drag Queens and Naked People

Way back in 2018. I had a Cultural day seeing the naked people on a Ramblers then going to the theatre.

2018 culture day part 1

2018 culture day part 2

Yesterday it was a repeat but even better!

The Naked People are some iron statues between Meadowhall, Sheffield and Kimberworth, Rotherham. They were created through a project with school children and also based on the children’s ideas a poem was written for each statue by poet Matt Black. The statues originally had a plaque next to them with the poem on but all but one of them has gone awol. Luckily since then Matt Black has been able to find his poems and even better he came along and read his poems to each statue. It was a lovely sunny afternoon for sculpture and live poetry. Over the next 10 days each day I will feature a different statue and poem with Matt Black’s kind agreement.

The next part of the cultural day was cantered around seeing the film of Everybodies Talking about Jamie on it’s premiere day. The film is an adaption of a stage show that was based upon a documentary about a 16 year old becoming a drag Queen; I watched the documentary for the first time last week. I fell in love with the show when I saw the premiere of the theatre show in Sheffield. I have seen the show multiple times now and was an extra for the final scene, therefore I felt I should have been invited to the film premiere! Alas not quite, instead I viewed film costumes in the winter gardens and watched the star of the film Max Haywood and the original Jamie on the PINK carpet. It was fabulous to see a film premiere in Sheffield. It is a pity some of the well know names of the film; Sarah Lancaster, Richard E Grant and Shobna Gulati did not deign to revisit Sheffield for the premiere. I then watched the film at the Showroom. I intend to watch the film at some point on Amazon prime to look closer at the Sheffield locations and see if I can spot myself in the final scene!

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie AGAIN

I talk about Jamie a lot! I saw the premiere in 2017 and fell in love. Since seen in person in London and in Sheffield cinema live from London. It has returned to Sheffield, but this time in Lyceum rather than Crucible. I have posted a picture of the stage at the start on Instragram Wonderwall360.

The actress playing the teacher character has changed and I think found original to be a more moving performance; less fake.

Hugh of Victor’s secrets is now played by Shane Richie. Considering he is of Eastenders fame, I was impressed by his northern persona.

More crucially actor playing Jamie has also changed. At first I was dubious but think perhaps that was because I see the original as Jamie having watched him for literally hours. I think I did warm to him.

Overall I still enjoyed this musical. I will watch the film when it comes out in October; not least because I may be in it. Perhaps the different Jamie actor in that will also take some getting used to.

Drag Queens to Bondage

Jamie vs we will rock you

Favourite musicals: We will you rock you VS Everybody’s talking about Jamie


I’m particular about the musicals I watch. I want a good music and a proper storylines. Lots of musicals are just a series of songs, loosely connected. As my preferred type of music is indie / rock then sometimes musical music can be a bit dreary for me. Two musicals that fit the criteria are therefore my top two are: We will Rock you are Everybody’s Talking about Jamie. But which is my favourites?

Performances seen

I first saw We Will Rock you in 2003 or 2004. I loved it! I have since seen an amateur group perform it in Sheffield, a version at Sheffield arena and last week at Lyceum Sheffield.

I first saw Everybody’s Talking about Jamie at the Sheffield premiere in February 2017. I went to see it in January 2018 when it transferred to London. Later in 2018, I saw it at Sheffield showroom showing it live from London. I have tickets to see it again in Sheffield in February. There is a film version, coming out next October, which I definitely want to watch; I may glimpse myself it it as was an extra in the final scene.


We will Rock you is set in a dystopian future where rock and roll 🎸 has been eradicated by brainwashing memories of rock songs and even who let the dogs out, from peoples’ memories. Watching it this time, I saw someone similarities from the Yesterday as a few people can remember rock. Those who remember are on a quest to find last remaining guitar and play proper rock again. There is even romance a long way! I like the positive female roll model.

In Everybody’s Talking about Jamie, Jamie is a 16year old boy facing his GCSE exams but more focussed on his dreams of being a drag Queen. He wants to go to his prom is drag. The show ends at his prom. It is set in Sheffield, so I like the Sheffield references.

Timelessness of shows

I like rewatching We will Rock you as it is brought up to date with references of current music. Also in latest performance it referenced non binary sexuality.

The subject of drag in Everybody’s Talking about Jamie is very current. However, drag is already becoming increasingly msinstrain so in 16 years time will Everybody’s Talking About Jamie feel dated, or will it be a fresh as We Will Rock You?


Both have laughs in them!

Music 🎵 🎶

We will Rock you is based upon Queen music which is fantastic and also references some other classics and some cheese like My milkshake…

Everybody’s talking about Jamie music was written by writter from the band Feeling. Love opening number and have the soundtrack.

Final Verdict

I think after seeing it this week and despite thinking atmosphere in theatre was slightly lacking (maybe because back of stalls underneath balcony ceiling?), that my favourite musical is We will Rock you. Yes they both have a good plot and good music but it is hard to beat Queen music and that gives it the ultimate edge. Also think We will Rock you stands test of time better because it is easier to update.

Day trip to London 20th January Part 1: Everybodies talking about Jamie and Luminee Light Festival to come

It is possible to get from Sheffield to London in 2 hours on the train, which is fairly convenient. The problem is you can not just spontanously turn up at the station and go ….unless you are carefree with money as it can cost up to £100 or more to buy train tickets. Train tickets are cheaper the further in advance you buy. Also different time trains are different prices; with the trains that stop in more places which therefore take longer, often cheaper.

This morning, I arrived on the platform 8.20am just as the train was pulling in early as departure time was 8.34 am. It is due to arrive in London at 11.14 am so it takes nearly 3 hours. The train back is one that takes two hours so that is good after a long day.

Half an hour of the journey has gone so far. I have painted my nails gold. Eaten wraps with lemon curd in and started flicking through newspaper. The train has stopped at Chesterfield and Alferton.

I have a ticket to see Everyone is talking about Jamie later. I also hope to see some of the installations that have been lit in London the last two nights and will be lit tonight and tomorrow as part of the Luminere festival of light. The festival light that has been running since 2009; it has also taken place in London, Derry and Durham.

Everyone’s talking about Jamie now in London

I loved it in Sheffield. It seems Londoners are loving it too.

From Drag Queens to Bondage aka Everyone’s talking about Jamie to 50 Shades of Grey

I would see it again, it is on in London untill April.


Overview of July


Seen none in July, therefore not seen Cousin  Rachal.


Read and reviewed: Insomnia Stephen King, Boy Made of Blocks, Small Great things, Watchmen (partially read).

Also read:

Eloise by Judy Finnagin. Bit too much about ghosts for me.

Kiss River by Diane Chamberlain. Very readable but plot line little unbelievable.


Reviewed Tribes.

Saw what We Wished For which is where a cast from Sheffield general public is gather think this was 3rd or 4th year. It was ok, but probably least favourite out of this type of production: was not sure about all nursery rhyme references. Some talented Sheffield performers.

Amateur production of All Shook Up. Elvis Music. Liked that although musical there was a strong plot.

In London, saw a post for Everbodies talking about Jamie which I reviwed early in year. It’s premiere was in Sheffield and now it is moving to London. Highly recommend Londoners! In November there at tickets from just £11.50. It is due to be on Nov to April.


Greenday on day did Day in my life post.

Tramlines. All music saw was free, had bits of time at least in: Huttons, Leopold square, Dev Cat, Washington, Crystal, Old House, Frog and Parrot ( very popular venue as do get good bands at times on Sat no admission as full and Sat night when raining uncomfortably full), Old House, Trippets and Madia Vale.

Some venues mentioned above were featured in Exposed guide but not all; that is flaw of fringe away from the main festival.

Highlights included: Hallmark of Hallam choir as all looked like enjoying so much.

Larkins (curly haired singer)
1/2 of The stoops

Early bird tickets are now on sale for £27.50 for the three day weekend. By time of tramlines this year tickets were £50.

Bad news. Crookes who I featured in summer love post are doing last shows then splitting up. There last Sheffield show is same night 😦 I have tickets to Rob Brydon 🙂

Fun Friday #11: Summer Projects🌻💛🎶: Summer Love ❤️ that Lasted

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Liked posts July

In addition to those reblogged or mentioned in other posts this month or to be reblogged next month.


Coming up AUGUST

This is my 291 post. I intended to get to 300 in August. 300th will be, If we were having coffee ☕️ post. Will also write about books and clothes. I

From Drag Queens to Bondage aka Everyone’s talking about Jamie to 50 Shades of Grey

From theatre Monday to cinema Wednesday.

Everybody is Talking about Jamie: Showing at the Crucible Sheffield until 25th February

The second 50 shades starts with Christian Grey and Anastasia Steel broken up. They are soon back together and the power struggle continues. He drags her away from drinks with her boss, she forces him into supermarket shopping, he buys company she works for and so on. Anasatasia is trying to find out about the mysterious man she has fallen for, maintain her independence, start her careeer whilst Christian meddles in every aspect of her life all well maintain perfect make up 24/7 including asleep and in the shower. Will Anastasia manage not to be owned? That is a question for all to make up their mind up about. Although the film plot and film are fairly similar,  you may have different answers from the book compared to the film.

Everybody is Talking about Jamie: Showing at the Crucible Sheffield until 25th February

Well certainly this morning, I have the catchy chorus of the opening song (which is briefly repeated in second half) in my head “I’m a superstar and you don’t even know it”. On the Crucible website for Jamie, there is a you tube clip of the opening number, the song is entitled “Don’t Even Know it”. The opening scene is in a school classroom during a careers advice lesson. A lot of the class wants fame and the teacher is trying to manage expectations. Jamie initially is sat at the back of the class and the first dialogue is with teacher and the other pupils. Once you remember the play is meant to be set around Jamie, you can identify him by his pink socks under school trousers. The blurb for the production states Jamie has a secret; from the accompanying photos it is not hard to work out Jamie wants to be a drag Queen. Teacher believes that Jamie would be better suited to being a forklift truck driver. At which point Jamie breaks into “I’m a superstar and you don’t even know it”. This musical number can be seen in a YouTube clip on the theatre website.

https://www.sheffieldtheatres.co.uk/whats-on/everybodystalking-jamie In the background of the clip there is an impressive backdrop; a  simple structure consisted of steel boxes; the boxes are two stories high with the orchestra sitting in the top box. Later in the show the boxes are moved around to create different settings.

The play is based upon a true story of a teenager called Jamie who wanted to be a drag Queen. The original Jamie was from County Durham, he approached the BBC to do a documentary about him, because he wanted cameras to follow him around to protect him from bullies. This 2011 documentary was seen by Jonathon Butterell who was at that time living in New York although he had been born in Sheffield. The show’s destiny was triggered by Jonathon meeting Daniel Evan’s who was artistic director of Sheffield theatres at the time and commissioned the play. The stars aligned for Jonathon to collaborate with by screen writer Tom MacRae and the song writer for the Feeling Dan Gillspie Spell. In the three years that this musical has been in development transgender issues in school has become increasingly topical and Daniel Evans last year moved on from Sheffield theatres. The show’s setting is Jonathon’s birth place Sheffield providing familiar references to Sheffielders like Meadowhell.

The soundtrack to the show is to be available as an album. I would buy the single   ‘Don’t even know it’ but not sure about the rest of the album; perhaps it needs to be heard separate to the show . In fact I would have preferred, the show as a play without the songs or as many songs. There was some suburb dialogue; some of which had the audience laughing particularly with the Sheffield references; other parts were painfully observed of life as a teenager in school trying to fit in; being the boy who wants to wear a dress or the clever underestimated girl in the hijab. During songs I wanted to get back to the plot and felt the songs distracted from the poignancy of the plot. The brilliantly observed school scenes and Jamie’s home life with his supportive Mum covering for his absent Father. There could still been some music; ‘Don’t even know itit could have been song by Jamie in a performing mode. I think a good final scene would have been the prom allowing the show to end with feel good music.

There was certainly a good feeling within the audience at the end after they had followed Jamie’s story from his first tottering steps in his first heels to his prom. In fact there was a good atmosphere from the start owing to it being the world premiere and families and friends of those involved in the show being in the audience. Before the show I ate at Crucible Corner where Sophie Ellis Bexter (whose vocals along with those of Betty Boo feature on the album) and her Mum Janet Ellis were at the next table to support Sophie’s husband bandmate from the Feeling Dan Gillespie Sells. At the end of the show the original Jamie and his Mum joined the cast on stage, in a touching ending. Right until the end leaving stage there was a realistic rapport between the actors playing  Jamie (John McCrea) and his Mum (Josie Walker). The actors playing Pritti (Lusie Shorthouse) and Leigh (Mina Anwar) were also outstanding.

Josie Walker playing Jamie’s supportive self sacrificing Mum

The ending left some in tears of joy and seemingly most of the audience in good spirits; it may not have quite the same impact without the original Jamie and his Mum on stage at the end. Alas I think most people who like theatre  will leave with something to talk about and will hopefully have enjoyed it too, like I did.