Lush plastic frees

I have been reading this week about reducing plastic waste. I read about plastics from glitter, getting into oceans and was distraught. I love glitter. One product I thought of was lush glitter massage bars which, leave you all glittery. I looked it up and phew, they have changed so it does not contain plastic. In store I asked whether any of the bath bombs left glitter on you. With jugs of water we tested a gold one. They got loads of bubbles by pouring water from jug to jug. I dipped hand in and got glitter on. At home, the bomb smells great. But in whole bath full of water only getting mediocre amount of bubbles. Also does not leave much glitter on. Maybe to get concentration as in the jugs; I needed to use whole bomb at once!

I also wanted to try bar shampoo. They reckon some people get 100 washes from one bar. I’m sceptical about that! If my hair is greasy then I will quite often wash twice. I tried it last night after already washing hair earlier in the day. You rub wet hands over bar then runs hands together to lather up then into hair and lather. Less bubbly then used to. The one I got smells of lemon. I used it again this morning after a run. It has cleaned hair satisfactorily but, will have to see his copes with greasy hair.

Common Threads Clothing Exhange

The idea is you bring clothes in that do not want and take home clothes you do want.

I decided to take in a dress from when I was bridesmaid to my sister. I don’t like the colour. I paid to get it dry cleaned after the wedding 10years ago. Then wore it again for my work Christmas party in 2008. I think that is it. It probably does not fit now. Unfortunately not clean as should have been, but took it anyway and hopefully that can be sorted and it is a posh frock.

You pay £4 to go in. I also took a pencil skirt, had for years but, not worn for years as the slit at the back split. I tried to sew it up, but did not get it right and then at the back, it stuck out strangely. There was a repairs table the lady unpicked then put in some loose big stitches to show me where to stitch. I will have a go! I would have paid £5 to get it fixed as marks and Spencer skirt so not cheap.

As well as mending advice, considering only took in one item, came away with a bag full of clothes.

A couple of winter work skirts. Need to try and lose weight to wear them before winter, othwerwise got to donate them back.

A top predominately my team’s colours; claret and blue. With bonus of a splash of yellow.

A boob tube with sunflowers. Difficult one to wear a bra with as strapless and cut out detail at the back.

A simple t-shirt, with just a little embellishment on shoulders.

A light weight denim blouse.

Finally a paraolympic t-shirt; thought could maybe wear for World Cup.