The film Lion starring Dev Patel as boy that goes missing ….

…Nicole Kidman and David Wenhan of his adoptive parents. Who play their characters at two different ages.

A true story and an amazing one at that. In some ways surprised that the, story started at the beginning chronologically; seen as the trailer basically gave the whole plot away.  Knowing where the story go ruined the suspense of his life before he went to Australia. Which was a shame because there was so many twists and turns  Before he arrived in Australia; if you have not watched yet, go knowing that and enjoy the story. If the story had been written it would have not so multi layered and complex.

For me the Australian story raised interesting thoughts regarding adoption. If you have not watched STOP READING HERE

Nicole’s character Mum Sue, reveals they chose to adopt even though  they could have had their own children as they thought taking in a child with problems, was more useful to the world. Experiences with their two adoptive children shows how hard it can be with adoptive children. If it had been a written, rather than true then the sub plot with adoptive brother would probably not feature. I wonder what the adoptive brother thinks of the film. I also wonder what his backstory is. Over the years it sounds like they are just two of millions of Indian children to go missing.

As the film tells the story of a young boy into adulthood and beyond,  there is so much to fit into one film. It almost needed to be split into a series so, that different events could be considered in more detail. After the initial meeting in Australia the rest of his childhood is skimmed over; so miss how he develops and learns English and becomes as he explains on his first day of university ‘Australian not really Indian’.  By the time he travels back to Indian his Hindu language has been forgotten. I guess as everyone gets older they do forget more about early childhood experiences; I wonder how gradual it was in this case. After the poignancy of the film there is a feel good ending with him meeting his Mum and then just before the credits a montage of photos from Australian childhood and a clip of his two Mum’s meeting.