Go to Cuba? The time is now?

I went in October 2016. People were saying Cuba was on the brink of becoming just another touristy place. When I went there it was still unspoilt and I don’t think it is going to change anytime soon.

Outside of Havana, villages are very remote. You barely see any cars. Electricity is from generators. There is only wi fi in limited places. There is not much public transport. So the infra structure is not there for mass change. Now with Trump coming to power this is going to slow the trend started during Obarma of greater relationship with US and therefore hinder progress.

Apart from Havana there is not big houses. Instead you stay in small properties run by locals. They are beautiful, one that I stayed in, is the yellow and green one below in Vinales Valley. During stay had an amazing feast at an organic farm.

Havana does feel very European and it is that will change first. It is a lovely city and being driven through it, in an open top car feels very glamorous. There is a statue of John Lennon which had someone guarding the removable glasses, is worth a visit.

I busted the most West Point of Cuba which had beautiful white sandy beach.

Trinidad with it’s markets are lovely for jewellery and souvenirs; they only open until about 5 though. At night there is live music on street.

I spent one night in my very own tree house at Las terraza biosphere. Within biosphere got to whiz over trees and water on zip wires.

Another attraction of Cuba is the rum. There are several run based cocktails 🍸 I liked the pina colado best. They were very generous with the rum; leaving you with bottle to pour self.

I did not find Cuba cheap but there was so many amazing experiences.

2nd uses for cutterly

At a Sheffield united match we were explaining to my nephew that Sheffield united has the nickname the Blades due to Sheffield’s history producing cutlery.

In Sheffield shops I have seen jewellery made from cutlery. But nothing as pretty, as what I bought in Cuba. I went to Cuba wanted to look at cutlery bracelets as my Mum had bought one from Trinidad. Trindad was only place I saw them. In some places when eating there did not seem to be much cutlery but in Trindad market there was a great selection.

In this blog there is some even more artistic uses of  cutterly .

Brambles tea room in Elescar have decorated the tea room with cutlery (and pretty China hung from the ceiling).

Brambles Tea Room Hot Chocolate Elescar Herritage Centre