Blogmas: 5 Christmas reads

The last couple of years I have tried to read christmas themed books in December.

1. In December 2018 I read:

Mistletoe kisses by Katie Flyn,  I bought this book from a shelf of Christmas books at Oxfam. It was not very Christmas as it in a book that spanned about a decade the kiss was only a small part. It was about life before and during the 2nd world war in Liverpool, an era I enjoy reading about, but this book was mediocre

2. Christmas at the little bakery by Jenny Colgon which I found very average.

In December 2019 I read:

3. A December wedding and a 4. book of short stories by Paige Toone; neither of which were particularly christmassy. See Here for full reviews.

So far in 2020. I have read 4. Christmas with the Bomb Girls by Daisy Styles. As the name suggests it was a wartime book. There was some tragedy and lots of romance. Christmas only came into the book right at the end.

5. Nobody cancels Christmas by Zara Stoneley. This seemed an appropriate title for this uncertain year. As it was only £1 it would have been rude not to buy. I can not complete for a £1; it was all set around Christmas, had some snow and some romance. Readable if not scintillating.

I’m now reading Christmas at Liberty’s by Fiona Ford.

Are there any Christmas themed books that you would recommend? Given I do not feel I have hit on a perfect Christmas book yet!

Christmas Lighthouse book

I have found another book about a lighthouse.

Lighthouse Books

Earlier in the year, I reblogged various posts about lighthouses after I read To the Lighthouse by Virgina Woolfe. I think lighthouse are quirky, romantic but on the other hand dark, eerie, isolated places and with the history as part of dramatic perils of the sea events a interesting focal point for books. I also read Kiss River this year by Diane Chamberlain which is centred around a lighthouse.

To the Lighthouse

Kiss river

When I bought the book, I did not really realise it was set around a lighthouse. It was the Christmas aspect that grabbed my attention … and the £4 sticker on a brand new book!

I don’t know think it is going to be dark and eerie. I possible may find it too twee but hopefully it will be light and jolly and make me feel Christmassy.