The fifth letter by Nicola Moriety. This is a good book for Oct / November as it features 4 Scorpio women.

I was interested to read a Nicola Moriety book because I have enjoyed books by her sister Liane Moriety.
I found it reminiscent of the  Band which I recently watched at the theatre and reviewed as it was about 4 women who had become friends at school. In this case all 4 school girls were drawn together as all their names ended in C and they were Scorpio star sign. It is about them each writing an annoymous letter to confess a secret. These confessions cause ructions.

One part of the narrative is that one of the women tells the story of the letter writing to a priest in confession. The priest was not really needed for the story and I did not feel added much. This is one reason I think Liane Moriety is a  better writer. However,  it could just be Nicola not realised full potential yet. I’’am prepared to read more of Nicola Moriety. This book was a light and enjoyable read which I read in a couple of days. I also have Liane Moriety Truely Madly Guilty on my To be Read Shelf.


My Brillent Friend By Elena Ferrante First Impressions and QUESTION: When should character list be read? (No spoilers)

I liked the cover and blurb.

When turned pages to start reading,saw was book one; after recently being dissapointed about inconclusive ending of the Knife of never letting go which was first of a triology, that felt like a bad omen Thinking further, I have just bought the rest of Steig Larsson triology after reading the first.

 However, the quote on the next page also did not engage me. 

Then the next page was contents; Whw. saw had cast of characters and that was Off putting that going to be complicated. Also I wanted to get into the story rather than read about random people. Should the character list be read first or is it near the beginning to refer back to?

I have now read the prologue and started main story. It is good but do not like that it is not split into chapters that start on a new page. 

The Girl with Dragon Tatoo by Steig Larsson

After reading Girl with dragon tattoo,  I do want to complete the triology. Some of the beginning,  is a bit tedious going into finicial details but, worth bearing with it.  A lot of characters with Swedish names,  to get head around especially as sometimes same character is referred to by different names. It is a mystery / thriller type book.