35 by 35 conclusion 

2Inspired by 34 Before 34 | Is That You Darling blog

Some plans did not turn out as planned. I amended number 5 and 22. Weather thawarted hot air ballooning; will try again in 2019. Hopefully in 2019 can do another ski lesson. Whenever I go bowling 🎳 which, I do not get chance to do as often as I once did; I will try to score a turkey.

1. Dye hair blue ✅ 
2. Read a Stephen King book. ✅ 
3. Do a park run.
I have done one. I did some PT sessions over summer then 1 run club then did park run. Jogged first lap then walked all but last bit of last 2 laps. ✅ 
4. Go to Amsterdam
I have been bought the bag, tulip 🌷 bulbs and mini clogs for Christmas decoration. Tulip 🌷 bulbs planted 06.10.17 ✅ 
5. Climb Arther’s seat in Edinburgh. I ended up going to Lake District rather than Edinburgh so changing this to climb a mountain.

I climbed Castle Crag and Walls Crag. ✅  
6. See 2 more gold post boxes
Seen gold post boxes in Hull and Lincoln. ✅ 
7. Go in a hot air balloon. ❌

4 failed attempts due to weather. 

8. See Bob Dylan ✅ 

9. See Greenday ✅ 
10. Score a Turkey at bowling. ❌
11. Watch love actually again ✅ 
12. Watch love actually sequlae ✅ 
13. Watch 8 films at the cinema ✅ 
Achieved by June with:
La La Land
Manchester by Sea
Lion50 shades
Trainspotting 2

Hidden Figures

Beauty and the Beast


Last year only about 3 in whole year.

 14. Watch Bridge of spies ✅ 

15. Watch Cara Emerald ✅ 


16. Do a ramblers 15mile walk ✅
Walked from Sheffield to Chatsworth. 
17. Get 100 total likes on blog. ✅ 

I surpassed this ten fold on 10th November I had 1000th like. Thank you all!

Thank you to all who have liked my posts. I have over 800 likes. ✅ 

18. Try a spin class tick ✅ 

19. Publish prompts for whole of lent about homelessness. ✅ 

20. Try a yoga class ✅ 

Have been going to yoga classes. 

22. Go to ten belly dancing classes.

Been to 4 so far; class no longer at leisure centre near me. Have though also done 8 PT sessions. ✅ 

23. Go to the new gelato on west st. ✅ 

Been four times 🙂 
24. Go to the light cinema when it opens. ✅ 
25. Go to the lakes. ✅ 
Had a few days there in March and a week at the end of August. 
26. Get shed for garden ✅ 

It is painted and has bunting up which says be a flamingo in flock of pigeons. ✅ 
27. Once have shed, tidy cellar ✅ 
28. Buy football ground jigsaw to do with colleagues ✅ 

29. Go to one of Shef’s Oct festivals: comedy, beer or off shelf. ✅ 

Went to the beer festival and saw Greg Davis during comedy festival.

30. Go to Peddlers market ✅ 

31. Pass ski lesson 2. ❌

Did not get chance to go for another lesson.

32. Swim outside ✅ 
Been to Hathersage outside pool there, was a band playing, in the bandstand. 

33. Go on folk train 🚂 ✅ 

34. Go wine 🍷 tasting ✅ 
35. Go climbing ✅ 

Birthday Jewellery from my parents

18th birthday bracelet. It was from Maysons in Keswick.

21st bracelet. A traditional 21st present is a watch but, I did not and still not really like wearing watches; I preferred to have something pretty rather then functional for my wrist. My Mum agreed I could look for a bracelet as I was living in London at the time I looked and bought the bracelet on my own. It is swarovski.

23rd birthday necklace. This was the year I graduated. My graduation ceremony was shortly after my birthday. My Mum gave me the necklace saying, I was a star for my degree and the necklace had a star on.

My 30th birthday necklace. A ruby necklace my Mum bought when she was on holiday in Turkey,


I’m not entirely sure which birthday this was, possibly 32 or 33. I did not know what I wanted for my birthday. My Mum was going to Dubai when it was my birthday so said she would bring a surprise back.

My 35th birthday necklace.

My 18th Birthday

The day before my birthday I travelled to London with a friend. That night we saw Robbie Williams at Earks Court. After the show we got back to the hotel about 11.30 so when I started the drink, I was just below the age for legally drinking alcohol, by the time I finished it was legal.

On my birthday we went to The Dome. It was 2000 the Dome had opened they year as an exhibition centre. The worlds largest diamond 💎 was on show.

We got the train home. The weekend had been a present from my parents. However when I got back I was surprised with a little black box from Maysons in Sheffield. Inside was a bracelet.

Later in the week I had a Chinese meal with family.

My 33rd birthday: Liverpool including John Lennon and Paul Mcartney childhood homes and eye

On my 33rd birthday, I took the train to Liverpool.

I had lunch at Wagamamas.

After lunch I saw Paul McCartney and John Lennon’s childhood homes. The homes are now owned by the National Trust. You meet at a hotel and are taken on a mini bus playing Beatles music to the houses. It was interesting hearing about the two Beatles. Also the houses have been restored to how they were at the Time Beatles live in. This is really interesting and important restoration work as mostly it is much older buildings that are restored.

Paul Mcartney Childhood Home

I ended my time in Liverpool by going on the eye that was there at the time.

My 30th

The weekend before my birthday I had a chocolate lock in with friends at Cocoa.
After the lock in, one friend and I proceeded to the Leadmill. I had, an operation on my leg about 8 weeks before but with painkillers and my friend’s encouragement I managed to keep dancing untill Leadmill shut at 4.

On the day of my birthday I travelled home to my family. I got to spend the afternoon with my baby nephew. Then the whole family went out for Chinese.

My 21st

My 21st was the last time I worked on my birthday. I was working in a clinical trials unit in London. I think I did a fairly standard shift 7.30 – 4ish. Then after work met up with a couple of people from work for a bite to eat and some drinks at Walkabout in Wimbledon.

 The next day, after work got the train home to parents. It was about midnight when got to my parents. In the morning I got to open some presents. Later on the that day we saw the Stereophonics.

The following day we went out as a family for Chinese.