After watching final Big Bang; just watched first Big Bang for first time. CONTAINS SPOILERS

When I first saw an episode of Big Bang, I was not that bothered. I can not remember, what the first I watched episode was. I did not like (and still don’t how scientists / ‘intelligent’ people had to be really geeky including in choice of dress. Whereas, Penny is mocked for being air head as she is pretty. I think in some ways this makes characters one dimensional. I think can be fashionable, pretty and smart in science field or another field. I also found Bernadette’s voice annoying and squeaky.

Later because it was on so much, I started watching it more regularly and it grew on me. As see more episodes characters become more rounded and less one dimensional as they first seem.

I think I have ended watching up all episodes in final series and at random older episodes. However, I had never until today, watched the first one.

It was good to see first one, so soon after final one. I could see how they tied final, back to the first. The episode starts with Sheldon and Leonard considering being parents (embarking on donating sperm but ultimately backing out). Then they meet Penny for first time. A paraphrased quote from Leonard referring to Penny is ‘our children will be both smart and beautiful’. In the final episode, it is revealed Penny is pregnant with their first child. It is clever how this echoed first episode and a finale surprise seen as previously she had not wanted children. A heart warming surprise at that.

The final, episode also centres around Sheldon and Any winning Nobel prize, which is also mentioned in first episode.

Big Bang is currently being shown from beginning on E4 so, I have series linked series one to watch.

How much Big Bang, have you watched? What do you think?

Grease and Big Bang (contains spoilers)

Was just thinking about Grease, whilst watching Big Bang. Then they watched it on Big Bang. I rewatched this week as it was on at the cinema to celebrate 40th anniversary.

It is episode where Amy has bought giant picture of her and Penny for Penny’s apartment. Meanwhile, Sheldon is arguing over an office. It was Amy’s first time watching Grease. I can relate, I only first watched Dirty Dancing at university. I had watched Grease earlier and danced to the music lots of times, but I think only watched twice now.

I noticed in scene after Sandy leaves slumber party and is upset in the garden, there is flamingos in background; was trying to find google image of it.

Big Bang and Femnism

I have never got that much, into Big Bang. But recently, watched quite a few days as on E4. I have not seen latest series, so there are no spoilers in here!

The two main things I do not like, are:

  1. Bernadette’s squeaky voice.
  2. The premise scientists are geeky and can not also be fun, pretty, handsome. In contrast non scientists are pretty, blonde air heads.

That being said, I have enjoyed an episode, I have recently watched. Bernadette is feeling torn about leaving newborn daughter to return to work. She wants to set, her daughter a good example and work. She want’s to continue career started. But she does not want to leave infant daughter and only see her briefly at bad time. She feels bad about what she thinks and does not want to admit it. I think this is very relatable. When she tells Howie, I think his response is wise. He basically shows empathy, by not trying to solve problem and says he does not know right decision either. But he says whatever decision made, it is reversible and their daughter will not remember.

In last couple of days, I have also watched an episode where the guys are thinking of ways to encourage female scientists. One possibility discussed is blinded peer review of research papers to prevent discrimination of women. However, they then decide to go into schools to encourage girls. However, they bore the girls. Sheldon then gets the idea of getting Amy and Bernadette on the phone to talk to the girls. Amy and Bernadette are at the time, having a princess make over at Disneyland. As they talk they do not reveal they are dressed as princesses. Whilst I think women can do more than be princesses; I think dressing in dresses and pink can be combined with being a scientist.

World Autism Awareness Day: Is Sheldon from Big Bang meant to represent an autistic character?

Apparently not according to writers. Although lots of people see autistic traits, in him. Whatever, the truth it has created discussion. Is this evidence that Autism may be a combination of different conditions. Or does it show how conditions may be misdiagnosed as autism and vice versa.

Do you watch Big Bang?

Do you think Sheldon is autistic?