Godiva Hot Chocolate

This was like an art creation and hot chocolate, all in one. Amazing intense hot chocolate. It was salted caramel but only, really got the salted caramel taste at the end. Could have been a little hotter.

The spoon was white chocolate.

There was salted caramel popcorn and the nest was dark chocolate. Not just any chocolate; Belgium chocolate. It was from Godiva which is a chain of chocolate shops in Belgium … I tend to go to Leonardos in Belgium. This Godiva is in Meadowhall in Sheffield.

Not a cheap treat at £4.50 but definitely gives a big chocolate fix.

Favourite Belgium 🇧🇪 food

I have Belgium heritage, my name is spelt the Belgium way without a h: Sara. I have been to Belgium several times and enjoy the food. 

In fact this day 3 years ago in 2014, I was staying in Antwerp. I stayed in the Leopold square which was right next to the station which was handy as took, train from Sheffield to London then Eurostar from London to Brussels then local train from Brusssels to Antwerp then just short walk with case to the hotel.

The wheel was temparily there that summer and allowed you to see the top of the beautiful palace like station close up.

My favourites foods  are:

  • Belgium chocolate. There are many chocolate shops but my family traditionally go to Leonados. I managed to buy some of these at a branch in Amsterdam station in March. Previously I have also seen a branch in Chester, UK but not sure if that is still there. Apparentky you can also order these on the internet.
  • Chips with mayo.
  • Pear syrup
  • Belgium beer; lots of different ones to try and great how in bars they have a specialised glass for each one and always use the right one; that does not happen in the UK.

  • Honeycake
  • In a restaurant pink, juicy steak with garlic butter melting into it, served with chips then of course mayo added!

2016: top 5 sport smile prompts âš½ï¸âš½ï¸âš½ï¸âš½ï¸ðŸ†ðŸš—

Starting with what still makes me smile most.

1. Seeing Scunthorpe score 6 on Easter Monday and concede none which was more than the rest of league 1, put together scored that afternoon. So grateful to see that after not expecting to, having started the day in Berlin. But thanks to a shortcut by EasyJet piolet and speeding through passport control, I was there!

2. Rosberg winning championship.
3. Supporting Belgium 🇧🇪 in Euros.
4. Leicester winning premier league – after so few teams have achieved that.
5. Beating Sheffield United on the last day of a season, due to other results, not going our way it was not enough to go into play offs but at least we did our part and had a exciting rollercoaster afternoon. It was a match had been looking forward to, for a longtime as it wa my nephew’s first away match. But it was only a week before we suddenly had chance of a play off position after taking the whole season to crawl that far up the table from the relegation zone at the beginning of the season.  The potintial of a trip to Wembley meant we were joined by 3000 Scunthorpe fans at Bramall lane, creating a fantastic atmosphere. The first cheering was for  Wigan’s goal in the first 5 minutes that put us in 6th place (final playoff position). Barnsley equalizer sending us back to 7th. Then cheering our first goal, which put us back in 6th. Then Barnsley scoring twice more. Then our second goal meaning we had another 3 to score or Wignan needed to score 2 to get us back to 6th.. Then Barnsley fourth goal which sealed us in 7th place.