Gimson: George Canning

Gimson states “George Canning was prime minster for only 119 days a shorter period than anyone else, but is one of the most fascinating figures in the book”. Read the book to find out more!

He got a seat in parliament because not knowing Pitt he wrote and asked him for help and his letter persuaded Pitt to meet him.

Canning had offered to be prime minster wen Portland resigned but, King George III did not accept and chose Spencer Perceval instead. He eventually became prime minster when Lord Liverpool resigned due to his stroke. In turn after 119 days as prime minster Canning died.

Wild in Art Sculpture Trials Coming up in 2018 United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia

This year I have enjoyed Lincoln Knights trial and Hull Moths. Last year I enjoyed Sheffield elephants. In a similar vein the following trials are coming up in 2018,

Hares Norwich

24th June – 8th September. 50 sculptures in the city and a further 15 in wider Norfolk.

Girraffes Worcester   

25 large girraffes and at least 25 baby girraffes.

Hoodwinked Nottingham

July – September. Robin Hood inspired sculptures.

The big hoot 🦉 Auckland New Zealand<<
tumn 2018. 50 owl sculptures

The big splash 🐬 Perth, Western Australia January – March 2018. 50 dolphin sculptures.

Maggie Penguin 🐧 Parade Dundee, Scotland 100 sculptures.

Snail 🐌 Pace Brighton and Hove 50 snails. Autumn 2018

Snowdogs Ashford 25 sculptures inspired by Raymond Briggs snowdog. September – November 2018

Bees 🐝 Manchester
s, July – September