All the Breaking Waves: Kerry Lonsdale Contains SPOILERS

I’m pleased Pink for Days, recommended this author to me.

From the blurb, I like the sound of buried family secrets. The first chapter talked about the girl in it having psychic visions, I did not like the sound of that. I thought it was going to be wishy, washy, but it was not. It was gritty. It dealt with relationships with friends, family and lovers. It featured near death scenes, a murder, hit and run and a death from a brain tumour.

The final chapters are dramatic. There are scenes of near drownings, which you know from pages left, will not be the end of it. However, it does not become monotonous continually going round with different near death scenes. There is just one more. Then a happy ending; she does not die. The Grandmother succumbs to the brain tumour, peacefully in sleep. Then there is a proposal.

As the review below, states, there are flaws. Like how the couple apparently had thought about each other so much apart yet had kept apart. Then reunited, what has kept them apart no longer mattered. Yes, it is predictable, you are fairly certain she will live and her and Owen will live together, happily ever after. There was moments, however thought Cassie may drown, or the dog (how did he get out alive?) or Owen. Overall it was a pleasant read and once I got into final chapters, I had to get to the end there and then!