#30dayswild Day 29 Leavy Green Road

Leavy green Road is just opposite University tram stop. At the end nearest tram stop there is the old Henderson factory.

Past that there is flower beds / sitting errors decorated with bottles.

Further down in front of the diamond there is the perriguine falcon Allen. Allen was created in honour of opening of the opening of Sheffield Ikea and until recently resided in front of the train station. He is made entirely of Allen keys.

Whose Space is it Anyway? IKEA Everyday Wonderful signs.

Inside the diamond is Amy Johnson moth.

Hull moths

The church next to the diamond, St George’s is the chosen nesting site of Sheffield perriguines.

#30DaysWild: Days 23-28

.Day 23

Carnival in Norfolk Park.

#30DaysWild Day 23 Norfolk Park carnival.

Day 24

Cutting my lawn.

Day 25

Lunch al fresco.


Post work walk in Rivalin valley.

Tuesday 26th June

Started using instragran and loaded #30DaysWild photos. Looked at others photo’s tagged with #30DaysWild.

Wednesday 26th

Lunch time daisy chain making. The daisy stalks were too thin to puncture holes in, so had to knot them together.  I really needed someone to it on to my wrist. I could not get it around my waist before had to get back to my desk, instead wore wrapped round my necklace untill it fell off at some point.

#30DaysWild Summary

#30DaysWild : Days 1-7

#30 days wildDays 8-14

#30days wild: Day 15 – 22

#30DaysWild: Days 23-28

#30dayswild Day 29 Leavy Green Road

#30DaysWild: Day 29

#30Dayswild Day 30

I have seen dawn and sunset on separate days. Friday night in Sheffield there was an amazing orange moon.

The challenge has inspired some meals; homegrown rhubarb compote and Junk food market concoctions.

I have attempted to make a daisy chain, gardened and walked.

Seeing a variety of plants and several animals, the best being a Spanish peacock.

This video doesn’t exist

wrote a six word story and hosted a six word story competition with the prompt Wildlife.

6 word story competition: prompt Wildlife

Wildest activity was hot air ballooning.


#6WordStory #30DaysWild WINNERS

Thank you all for your stories and voting. The winners get to download and use one of these highly prized badges for their blog.

Sheryl for

“Humans photographed us again.”

Tre for

On the pride’s menu: antelope– delicious!

Covert novalist for:



“Get the camera, dear.”

My story: Shy badger, wears mask across eyes.

The runners up in no particular order.

Badgers rebelled, attacked politicians. Weapon? Goalposts!

Night Safari-Wildlife Out, People In!

It’s alive! I saw it move!

Did you pass that human? Take laxatives

Father to ten, all different mothers!

The asphalt covered my nut stores

Crows knew. We wished we did.

Birth, school, university, parties, parties, death

There will be a new prompt published tomorrow by Kirstywrites.

#30DaysWild Dawn in Sheffield on the longest day

A lovely set of instructions for midsummers.


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This video doesn’t exist

It was cold and not as dark as I had expected at what google stated was sunrise – 3.44am. Interesting how WiFi seemed really slow in the middle of the night.

#30dayswild: Day 19 Junkfood project market and meal

The Junkfood project takes food that has gone past it’s display to, date and ‘sells it’. You have to queue and is quite noisy, with things being bashed about. Whilst I was queuing there was bread where queuing. Then get to fruit and vegetables and given basket and have to ask for what want. Then there were flowers and foods in chiller / fridge/ freezer. Everyone can only fill one basket. You pay £1 for this service plus pay as feel for the food. I felt a bit guilty being there like other people, there deserved the food more but, guess you can even this up by donating more to keep project going.

I got some beautiful sunflowers originally from Marks and Spencer’s. Some plain pancakes, scotch pancakes, couple of sachets Morrison’s sauces, pack of mince, strawberries, mushrooms and beansprouts. I also got these viola flower which are intended to be a decorative thing; I’m not surprised they were not sold in the shop, I would not have bought.

I made a couple of unusual meals. I fried onions I already had with the mince, beansprouts and mushrooms then split into two. I did one half with coconut and lime sauce and the other with chilli. I added pasta. I ate the coconut and lime today and decorated with violas as the mixture was quite grey, they did actually make it look better. I’m taking the chilli for lunch tomorrow.

It was fun, being inventive and with the ingredients. To add to the randomness after the market I bought strawberry angel delight and sauce. I wrapped the angel delight and strawberries in pancakes. I meant to put strawberry sauce in too, but forgot until I had wrapped, so I used that to decorate.

Six word Story

If you can make your wildlife story 6 words, enter it in the completion … link below.

So far, we have had badgers, squirrels, lions and humans.


Challenge open Saturday 16 June 2018 – Thursday 21 June 2018

Welcome to the Six Word Story Challenge.

For those who have never dropped by before a new prompt is posted every Saturday morning at 9am GMT either here or on KirstyWrites.

And…. drumroll…. This week’s prompt is:


About the prompt

I have chosen wildlife as I’m following the Wildlife trust 30days wild challenge.

As this is an example, not an entry hopefully it is acceptable that I have based mine on a sweater shirt I used to have, which I think read:

A badger is so bashful,

He likes to wear a mask,

Across his eyes

My attempt

Shy badger wears mask across eyes.


How does it work?

1. Leave your story in the comments until Thursday 9pm (GMT)

2. Like, comment & engage with other authors

3. Come back on Thursday to vote for your favourite

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#30 days wildDays 8-14

8th July

Champagne at sunset, in a field post balloon flight.


9th July

Stewed homegrown rhubarb.

10th July

Greenery in London.

St James park.

Rooftop Garden Southbank Centre

11th July

Hillsborough Park, Sheffield

12th July

Did not get much time outside, so extent of wildlife was Sheffield pigeon.

13th July

Parent and baby coot in Crookes valley park, amongst lily pads.

14th June

Talk about Sheffield’s peregrines. The peregrines are subjects of a webcam and blog.