Book Club Challenge Complete

I have completed the challenge as follows!

TOP TIER books

In no particular order the books I enjoyed most.

A book with a boy’s name in the title

The last voyage of Mrs Henry Parker by Joanne Nell. I think this title actually contains two books. It was very reminiscent of Elizabeth is missing, featuring a women with dementia. Although a serious subject both books take a light hearted approach. It is set in the opulent surroundings of a cruise ship including flashbacks and this contributes to the joy of the book.

A book with a mathematical connection

The Number Bias by Sanne Blauw. A non fiction book about how a number for example a stat can mislead us if you do not understand how that number was generated. Including numbers used to define a recession therefore topical and interesting to learn.

A book with a religious connection

I have bought Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir to read for this category. A sc if I book. My second sc fi and Andy Weir; it shows I like Andy Weir books!


A book with an alliterative title

The Hawkshead hostage by Rebecca Tope. A series set in the lane district that I’m working through and enjoying although lazy plotting like people not having phone on can be annoying!

A book connected with the sea

I read the Shelly Bay ladies swimming circle by Sophie Green set around Australian sea whilst I was in Australia.


A graphic novel

I wanted a subject area that held some interest for me rather than superhero’s etc. I read Je ne Sais Qui about a French women moving to London. The text shared interesting travel anecdotes. I did not engage much with the pictures. I probably would not have usually read but and it was too big a book to read in bed. But it was as easy read!

A book with a job in the title

On my TBR shelf I found I had the Librarian of Austwitz. With the bleakness of the subject is is hard to truest say this type of book are enjoyable reading.


These books were not ones I spent longer finding / choosing. These ones I enjoyed least.

A book recommended by a friend

Two friends recommended books.

I have read is: while you were breeding by Kristen Newman. It centres around a woman’s travels. But I got a bit tired as it was mainly about her conquests around the world rather than giving insights into countries.

I have made a start of the second Woman who ran with wolves. It tells stories with some type of message in and that part can have some interest. But then the book dissects each story endlessly. I’m going to keep the book to try and keep dipping into it but I think if try and plough straight through it I will not absorb anything from it.

A book with an item of clothing in the title

In the library found a book with blue trousers in the title. Not particularly enthralling.

A book set in South America

The Puma Years by Laura Coleman. A true story of a woman working with pumas in Bolivia. Think it could have been tighter edited to make the pace better!

A book with a musical connection

I read the Piano Teacher by Lynn York. It was a book I picked up for €2 dollars in Manley (Sydney, Australia)


A book by a woman writer you have never read before

I read the Holly Project by Kate Sterritt. A book set and bought in Sydney by an Australian author and a signed copy at that!


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