My Barrier Reef Experience

At the barrier reef we moored at a platform, I got to go see the fish 🐠 staying dry; in a glass bottom boat and going down steps to look at fish 🐟 from a window under the sea (like at an aquarium; but better because this was a window out to to 🪸 🐠 🐟 THE barrier reef 🪸 🐠 🐟 !

I did also get to experience being immersed in the sea. I went snorkelling 🤿 and went down slide 🛝 from the platform a few times.

Looking back a talking point was how we warned that there was going to be a 1.5m swell and we should all take sea sickness tablets. So that put some people off going.

We did all share and pop sea sickness tablets. Then going out the staff on the boat

kept handing out sick bags and stood over us watching, armed with sick bags. So at the time that was rather disconcerting. But in hindsight it is funny and part of the experience I had. I did not feel sick either way so was able to enjoy ice cream on the way back.

Getting ready to go in the sea was a faff as you had to have so much equipment; mask, snorkel, flippers, life jacket, full wetsuit and I think gloves and either a hood or a hat too? On the way to the reef there was a video about what to wear and where to collect it from. Then when it came too it you were left to find the bits yourself in your size amongst the other sizes whilst lots of other people were doing the same thing. I would have far rather been in the sea in a bikini but had to be fully covered I think because of jellyfish. I can fantasise how it would have been floating amongst the colourful fish I saw like a beautiful, thin mermaid.

I believe different parts of the coral are in different states of health. There was plenty of fish where I was. Perhaps scuba diving getting deeper there would have been more fish but I liked the control of snorkelling being able to put head up when wanted as opposed to scuba where you are relying on someone else to get you up and down. Also with scuba that person determines where you go but I was free to have my own little adventure following fish that I chose.


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