Book Club Challenge Third Update Update

I thought I had identified / acquired books for all categories but it turns out American dirt which I read is set in Mexico is North not South America. I have now ordered The Puma years. I’m currently reading the Hawkshead Hostage for the alliterative title category.

A book with a boy’s name in the title

I was going to use CHRIStmas murders for this one. But now borrowed from the library one with Henry in the title.


A graphic novel

I wanted a subject area that held some interest for me rather than superhero’s etc. I read Je ne Sais Qui about a French women moving to London. The text shared interesting travel anecdotes. I did not engage much with the pictures. I probably would not have usually read but and it was too big a book to read in bed. But it was as easy read!


A book with an item of clothing in the title

In the library found a book with blue trousers in the title.


A book with a mathematical connection

The Number Bias by Sanne Blauw. A non fiction book about how a number can mislead us if you do not understand how that number was generated!


A book recommended by a friend

I have had two friends recommend books do looks like this will be a 13 book challenge.

The first I have read is: while you were breeding by Kristen Newman.


A book set in South America


Ordered the Puma Years.


A book with a musical connection

I read the Piano Teacher by Lynn York.

A book with a job in the title

On my TBR shelf I found I had the Librarian of Austwitz, I have now read.


A book with an alliterative title

All the books in Rebecca Tope series set in lane district have an alliterative title so this will be an excuse to buy and read the next in the series.


A book connected with the sea

I read the Shelly Bay ladies swimming circle by Sophie Green set around Australian sea.


A book with a religious connection


I have bought Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir to read for this category.

A book by a woman writer you have never read before

I read the Holly Project by Kate Sterritt. A book set and bought in Sydney by an Australian author and a signed copy at that!


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