Made in Sheffield Shaff Adventure Films

Tonight I saw the Made in Sheffield collection of films as part of the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival. This collection is being shown again at the Showroom 10.30 and 6.30pm on Sunday. I believe sometime after the festival the films may be available online / may get shown at other outdoor or film festivals.

I gave the last film in the collection Reel Rock: Bridge Boys full marks. It had good pace telling a complete unique story with dramatic moments and humour. Plus the subjects of the film were eye candy! It was about Sheffield climbers who enjoy ‘crack climbing’. Focussing on their lockdown adventures … whilst some baked banana bread they decided to start climbing in cracks under bridges. They ended up deciding to do a multi day climb, climbing under a moterway bridge and therefore sleeping attached to the bridge too. I presume they peed off the bridge too; but the film did not cover that. It was fascinating and gripping, but I will not spoil the end because I so recommend watching!

I also really liked One More rep and being second to last in the collection I had thought it was going to be my favourite until I saw the last one! So only compared to the last one did it lose a mark. It was about the juxtaposition between the positive social media content a female runner was publishing and how she actually felt – the metal anguish and pressure she was putting herself under!

The topic of the Farm under the city was amazing as never heard about it yet it is a venture in Sheffield Kelham island. It is an indoor farm that is being very sustainable. Maybe say an hour document on the farm May have been too much for me but just that nugget combining Sheffield and sustainability leaves me impressed and wanting to know more.

The Peaks of Colour film was also interesting and covered issues been try to develop better awareness of.

En route about a Father and three sons going on a surf trip together after the parents separation. Some good points made about parenting.

Sapien was just a short film and nothing wrong with it just other films were more in depth.

Chinese laundry had won an award for being the best of the collection of films. I have it at the there end of my scale mainly because I have marked it down because I don’t think it was a film about the outdoors. The audio was interesting but for me the dancing did not add to the audio and at points made me a bit dizzy like watching a washing machine spin! But I know when I discussed it after, there was someone else who thought the dance was really clever! So it could just be just not appreciating the dance and as a backdrop to some of the dancing there was trees so my opinions maybe be controversial.

All in all, I really loved seeing these short films. I think when trying to get a message across in a short time you can get something more meaningful than a feature length film! Also of course if a short film is not good then it does not waste too much of your life! But in this case all the films were worth my time. I enjoyed them as a collection and then discussing them after.


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