Meeting her son in Melbourne … and buying a ring 💍

On a Saturday in Adelaide I met a couple of ladies Adelaide chapter. The next day I was flying to Melboune. One of the ladies texted me with her son’s name Thomas and where he worked so I could go and meet him.

The Melbourne flight was not until 11.45 so it was well into the afternoon before arrived in Melbourne. Our bus from the airport took us on an orientation tour with stops at various points including Melbourne market and part of formula one track.

It was about 5 or 6 when got to the hotel. It was exciting coming to a new city and having someone to meet. I got changed in my room with prime view of the cricket ground. Then took the tram a few stops.

The bar I was looking for was near street art alleys.

It turned out on the same street was three venues part of the same venue. Originally I went in next to where I was meant to be going. Luckily they knew who I was looking for and pointed me next door.

Next door was a small tapas bar. I was greeted by a man and thought he may be my man. He was not and said Thomas had just left as they were quiet. Although seemed busy as no tables in the small bar – only bar space. I ordered a beer 🍺 and sat at the bar. The bar tender asked how I knew Thomas; I had to say I did not but his Mum had sent me! He then revealed Thomas was drinking next door but one.

I ate tapas at the bar. Then whilst paying checked where he thought Thomas was. He confirmed next door but one … with girlfriend. Still I went there and for the third time that night asked for Thomas. It turned out he had gone again!

So I never met Thomas, as next day had a trip to French and Philip islands. Day after think I may have known it was Thomas’s day off. Then the Wednesday morning it was time to move on again. Still it was exciting having a quest upon arriving in Melbourne. My first stop in Melbourne after the airport was the market. It is the market where I bought myself a ring for $5 which was cheap like £2.50.


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So many wonders of the world to write about on my blog wall. I'm an Oasis fan hence using wondewall as blog name.

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