aIdeal -aide Day

I love a Saturday exploring a new city featuring some art. Therefore a Saturday in Adelaide it was bound to be a good day. But it was more amazing then I could have imagined kind of ideal.

The day started with a swim in a rooftop, infinity pool. Followed by a mooch round Adelaide museum and near by art gallery. The art gallery had some fabulous sculptural exhibits (see Wonderwall 360 Instagram for photos).

Next was a walk through the beautiful botanical gardens which are free to enter. The walk ended at the zoo., where the day just got better.

At the zoo, I took the very wise decision (in hindsight) to do one of the free tours with a guide. I thought it would be a quick 20mins – 30mins whistle stop tour, but we ended up with guide for about 2 and half hours. There was only myself and two ladies from Adelaide on the tour, so we was able to tailor it to us. Our guide, Jade was very knowledgeable. At the pandas the male panda was out whilst female was being protected from public view as displaying signs of pregnancy. We learnt a lot about why it is so difficult to detect pregnancy in pandas, especially as they often have phantom pregnancies. After eagerly awaiting news about a panda birth about a month after I visited i learnt it had been a phantom pregnancy.

At the zoo as I had chosen not to go to Rottonest island to see the Australian marsupial quokkas, I was keen to visit them at the zoo when saw them listed on the website. I would never have found one without the help of the guide. There had been disease issues with certain animals so animas had been moved around. it became a quokka quest with the guide taking us round various places there may be a quokka. Until we finally had success.

At the zoo we also spent a several joyous entertaining minutes looking at a pair of natives colorful baby birds that had nested in a tree. As it looked like one of them was attempting to leave the nest.

Upon leaving the zoo the two women that I had done the tour with offered to show me the Christmas tree in the library. It was a big tree, in an old fashioned picturesque library. From there they wanted me to try Haighs chocolate. We rushed to the nearest store and arrived at 5pm as the door was being locked. The ladies tried to persuade them to let me in! Which was funny but fruitless. Although I was back at the door at 9am the next day when they opened to acquire chocolate successfully before flight to Melbourne.

Next the women took me to a rooftop bar 2kw, so called because it is at 2 King William Street. It was busy so we shared a booth with a couple. We ended upo talking to the couple as he was originally from England and had worked in the building where the bar was when it was a bank. They were going to the restaurant on the ground floor fish bank and invited me. I had a drink with them at the bar in Fishbank whilst we waited to see if they could fit me in. The restaurant is a fancy fish restaurant. There was not space for me. But whilst I did go downstairs to the underground toilets as that had originally been bank safe so still had the safe and protective cages. The mirrors were old art deco mirror (see Wonderwall360 Instrgram for photos)

I ended the day with a solo thai meal.

But that was just the end of this story. I left with the women’s contact details and the name and place of work in my next stop of one of the women’s son … To be continued


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