Three Day Millionaire – Grimsby’s answer to the Full Monty?

Three day millionaire is Grimsby’s answer to the Full Monty in that it is about the demise of Grimsby’s centuries old fishing industry. Like in the full Monty, it focuses on a group of characters trying to find a way of earning money. Unlike the Full Monty, this is not about stripping; it is a a safe heist escapade.

The title refers to how trawlermen have been known, to have been away at sea so much that they have had only had a limited amount of time to spend their wages. Hence wages have been blown in an excessive way during their time off (three day millionaires).

The first part of the film introduces their 3 day millionaire lifestyle it is reminiscent to Trainspotting. The second part of the film is a drastically different feel more like a cosy British comedy. I think, it would have been to go with the cosy British genre throughout for a small budget film rather than try to go for a Trainspotting type feel. The beginning did contain some old shots of Grimsby and a touching scene of them coming back from sea and seeing Grimsby though a Port hole; more of this plus creating empathy for the characters would have made this a better film. Particularly if the women’s characters were better developed!

This film has been out a few months now. It will not become a classic like the Full Monty which is watched over and over and often referred to. But it is not a wasted couple of hours to watch; it is easy watching and has it’s moments!


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