Immersive Monet – Melbourne – Highly Recommended!

I highly recommend this immersive exhibition in The Lume, Melbourne until March 31st.

On entry you get to pose in a set of Monet’s water Lily painting.

From there you enter a very large he’ll (big and tall) pictures of Monet and friends are projected on to walls and floor. It goes round in a loop which I think lasts an hour or so. Different paintings, images and quotes are projected all at once to different places of the hall; so there is so much to see. The pictures are brought to life and you see parts of familiar pictures up close like never before. There is music played, which makes the whole experience atmospheric! You can move around the room including up on Mezzaine and into intimate circular room to get different perspectives. You are free to take photos with all the amazing back drops allowing you to engage with the art. I think I watched the loop at least twice and could have stayed longer / if lived in Melbourne would have gone back again.

There is a ticket option to dine in part of the hell set up as a Parisian cafe. Those tickets are twice price of standard entry but the extra is about what you would pay for any evening meal in Melbourne. As open until 10 to 11 most evenings then I think it would make a lovely atmospheric evening even alone as there would be so much to take in. I just have no idea what the food is like! But I guarantee the art experience is amazing!


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So many wonders of the world to write about on my blog wall. I'm an Oasis fan hence using wondewall as blog name.

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