Top 5 Tuesday: Books set in the present

The immediate present / very recent past would be covid times. Not sure who want’s to read about that? In this Post I wrote a few months ago about the books I had read so far set during the pandemic. It is interesting to hear what others went through; if not necessary pleasant reading.

In hindsight my 2 favourites from my post a few months ago are Apples 🍎 Don’t Fall Far by Lianne Moriety (1) and The Chalet by Catherine Cooper (2)

I have been enjoying reading this year; a crime series set in last few years (with reference to earlier crimes), in my home town Sheffield by Michael Wood. The 9th book called STOLEN CHILDREN (3) which I recently read was set March / April of 2020. I loved the book in the main but was critical of mention of masks and bubbles as they were not March 2020 terms. I have pre ordered paperback of book 10 in the series and I’m eagerly awaiting.

I’m also enjoying each book that comes out of Richard’s Osman’s Thursday Murder Club. (4)

My final pick for this topic is Rock, Paper, Scissors by Alice Feeney (5) which was published in 2021.

This prompt was curtesy of Top 5 Tues Meeghan

See previous post for top 5 in the past. I do not think I come up with 5 I like in the future as not keen on dystopian books.

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