Top 5 Tuesday books with bones 🦴

I have not even attempted Meeghan’s last two scavenger hunts as not reading fantasy not sure I could have come up with much for crowns or anything for shields. This week however is bones so between covers and titles it was easier.

1. Straight away I thought of Lovely bones which read years ago.

2. Bone garden is a Tess Gerritsen book but not part of Rizzoli and Isle series. I read this book or at least most of it in an afternoon.

Antlers are made of bone, and covered with “velvet”—a thin, soft layer of skin and blood vessels that gets scraped off the antler over time.

Looking through Instragram Wonderwall360 of reads over last few years books I found two with antlers on.

3. The Stag and Hen party by Mike Gayle. This book contained the story hen party and stag party running respectively from each cover to the middle.

4. The Hunting Party by Lucy Foyle.

5. Finally one that does not have bones in the title or any versions of the cover I have seen. But it is all about bones. It is Handle with care by Jodi Piccoult. It centre’s around Willow who has brittle bone disease therefore lots of mention of broken bones in the book.

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