Hump Day Careers / day in life

Been a while since I did a hump day careers or day in the life. But last Wednesday felt exciting as went into the office with people in my team for first time since March 2020.

In March 2020 I was doing a different job. I did go into the premises a few times during 2020 – to sit in an empty office to work and not see anyone knew.

In July 2021 I started a remote working job. However originally some of my team including my manager worked in Leeds office. Therefore a few of us went in last week (August 2022)

Getting to Leeds involved trams to Sheffield station. Then train to Leeds and few minutes walk to the office. I bought a day ticket for the tram costing £4.60. The return train ticket was £15.

I set off from home about 7.30 and arrived at the office 9.30.

My manager showed me around the office floor. In the kitchen there was a free drink machine so I got a hot chocolate 🙂

Most of the day I was just continuing with the usual studies I lead. But I did take the opportunity to discuss various work things with my manager and other team members. It was also good just to chat to my colleagues face to face as usually we just do voice calls.

At lunchtime 4 of us went to Marks and Spencer food stall to buy lunch. But then everyone ate at their desks; I hoped we would sit in the kitchen together. I had king prawn and basil pasta salad and a couple of blackcurrent sundaes.

I had a second hot chocolate in the afternoon.

I had a meeting until 6 therefore I was last of my team to leave but there were other people still in the office.

As I only left at 6, I went to a nearby pub for food before the train home. Had aimed for 19.19 train but due to a delay and platform change did not leave until nearly half past. I got home just before 9.

Sorry if you have read all this, the day was not actually that exciting. But I enjoyed getting out of the house and talking to colleagues face to face! The day went faster than at home. We hope to all meet again and block out some time so we can all go out for lunch together. I’m keen to do that but not too often due to travel time and cost. None of my team have decided to go in regularly. If I had an office to go to in Sheffield, I would want to go there regularly.


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