Ambitious, original and successful at Sheffield Theatre; actors appearing in three plays in three different theatres at the same time! (Rock, Paper, Scissors ✂️ )

Long title so perhaps it is not clear what Sheffield theatres did! There were three plays taking part at the same time and the same actors moved between the three plays.

Rock took place in the Crucible round. Scissors took place in the studio at the Crucible. The third play took place in the Lyceum theatre. For those who do not know Sheffield the Lyceum is next door to the crucible however, actors moving between the three stages and keeping three plays going is still impressive feat! Not many places have the set up of three close stages to allow this – maybe National Theatre?

The story was a very Sheffield; centring around a struggling scissors factory in Sheffield. Sheffield originally was famous for producing steel products. The people working in this factories were craftspeople and of course those skills come with a price and in these days of cheap online vendors, customers are not always willing to pay the price for crafted items.

The three plays were set within three locations in the scissor factory. They worked together and individually. Each play could have been separate with actors going off stage to virtual other areas of the factory; but instead you got to see what happened when they left that stage. Therefore seeing all three gives the most comprehensive story!

All three plays are on each being this week. On Saturday the shows are all being performed three times therefore it is possible to see all three in one day! If you could only see one I would recommend Scissors in the Studio. The studio’s intimacy and the characters particularly the actor playing Mason are fantastic entertainment!


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