Top 5 Tuesday: Top 5 of 2022 so far…

This week Meeghan has asked what our top 5 of 2022 books read are; as we are halfway through the year.

1. I have only just read this so is this why it makes top 5 would it if 5months had passed?

Anyway it is Elenor and Park. Obviously this book has been around a while so I know people loved it ;so that maybe meant I read it quite critically. First thinking we’ll it’s ok but what’s the fuss about! I got into it as like the interesting characters was not sure I like his written just very short snippets from each point of view. I like music references and nostalgia of 80s listening to cassettes! I did during reading ask Alexa to play Love will Tear us apart by Joy Division. I also asked Alexa to play Elvis Costello Alison as not familiar with that but Alexa said ‘no’ unless upgraded subscription!

Then the ending first thought flat. But then it became thought provoking. Don’t ruin if not read; but as well as above I also went on about this book Here with What could those three words be?

2. Failure is not an option by Matt Whitman (U was gifted this). Thought provoking about how far push self to physical endeavours and sometimes you have to be sensible and give up but in my opinion this is not failure.

3. Normal people by Sally Rooney. Loved tv show then read conversation with friends which not too keen on. Therefore was pleasantly surprised by this.

4. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. It has flaws but still an interesting read.

5. The last wife by Karen Hamilton.


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