Top 5 Tuesday Book Covers with books on.

For this week’s book scavenger hunt, Meeghan set the challenge of books with books on the cover. Hopover to Meeghan’s blog to see what Meeghan and other participants come up with.

1. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Books are part of the title being a narrative strand in the book alongside the story of the 2nd world war in Germany.

2. The book club by C.J Cooper. As the cover says one of them is hiding a secret. In fact technically to throw you off the scent more than one may have had a secret. However found this unbelievable in terms of the amount of people in the village that seemed to be able to hang around without having laid employment. The final secrets reveal also seemed a bit far detached.

3. Why you should read children’s books even though you are old and wise by Katherine Arundel. This is a non function book, I probably need to re read to remember the arguments for reading children’s books.

4. Little Men by Louise May Alcott. This is a follow up book to Little Women.

5. Hunter Davis lists. This is literally a book of lists, the cover show someone writing a list in the book. The book has all kinds of facts in and also just amusing lists that have been written.

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