My experience of reading Stephen King

I have limited experience of reading Stephen King. Up until 2017, I had not read any therefore sought to correct. I maybe should have researched more before I bought a book, but instead I bought the first they I came across in a charity shop; Insominia. This ended up putting me off for several more years as I found the paranormal aspect of the book too weird to engage with. At the time I also commented.

“I liked the first hundred pages or so and the epilogue, but not so keen on the middle and there was a lot of middle! The book was 760 pages.”

I did not read another Stephen King until 2021. Pet Semetary. I actually mildly enjoyed this one. Perhaps knowing there would be a paranormal element help. Rather than being bogged down by the paranormal I took the message from the that death is part of life.

My experience with Pet Semetary encouraged me to read a collection of Stephen King short stories to get more of a feel for him. I read his collection called Night Shift. I liked the story Strawberry Spring but was not that impressed with other stories.

Overall I think King’s older works set in the 70s are now starting to feel dated. I can not see myself seeking out further Stephen King but guess I would read more if another came up for a book club or in a situation away from home when limited choice of books!

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