Memoirs of a Child Bookworm: Roald Dahl

I think I read most of Roald Dahl’s collection for children as a child including his two autobiographies. I did not own all the books personally therefore within last couple of years I bought a box set of Roald Dahl children’s books. The only one I had not previously read was the Giraffe, Monkey, Pelly and me; I recently rectified that.

I remember my Father read Fantastic Mr Fox to my sister and I. My brother is 8 years younger than myself, I ended up reading Fantastic Mr Fox to him one Saturday afternoon.

I loved the imaginary at the opening of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory of his two sets of Grandparents topping and tailing in a bed together. Then the magic of opening a rare treat of a chocolate bar. These simple moments get overshadowed by the flamboyance of the story in the chocolate factory; but I remember more vividly reading this part than the rest of the book. Similarly I really liked Danny champion of the world which was a more real and less magical than other books. That being said I loved the magic of George’s marvellous medicine and the dream distributer the BFG and James and the Giant Peach.

As well as reading the Witches I also saw the film on a big screen as a child; creepy! After reading the books I have also seen films of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, BFG, Matilda and James and the Giant Peach. I have seen Danny the Champion of the world as a serialised tv programme on BBC and Esio Trot as a one episode BBC tv programme. I saw trailer for Fantastic Mr Fox and could not bear to watch film as it sounded too American.

As an adult I have also read some of his short stories. I would like one day to visit his writing shed / museum in Buckinghamshire.

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